San Luis Obispo Tribune commenters required to use Facebook

September 15, 2013

tribuneThe San Luis Obispo Tribune began requiring commenters to belong to Facebook in order to comment on stories on Sunday.

This weekend, several McClatchy papers began requiring commenters to have a Facebook account in an attempt to improve the tone of their reader’s comments. While Facebook does not verify account holders, McClatchy reports that more people use their real names when joining Facebook.

Several papers such as the Chicago Tribune and the Fresno Bee require that their readers have Facebook accounts while the Los Angeles Times and the New York Times allow readers to register through the newspapers’ websites. Papers that require members to post through Facebook generally have substantially fewer comments.


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The Trib’s FAQ page states “Your comments may only be visible to you and your friends for the first few days after you sign up”.

Well, FYI: That’s all the time that’s required for other sites like Google to capture and copy your information.

If you find your past or present Facebook information when you Google yourself, there’s not a thing you can do to change it. Even by deleting your account!

So think carefully when posting anything to Facebook, or linking your Facebook account to access newspapers.

Facebook is CIA.

Explore it for yourselves. Here’s one interesting page and video:

Any newspaper that requires its readers to have Facebook accounts contributes to the CIA’s data-mining campaign.

I love the chart showing the amount of people playing FarmVille, excuse me while I go harvest my crops!

This is like Kristallnacht for all the anonymous commenters, I see.

Why would that be? People use “anonymous names (names other than their legal names) for their facebook accounts, as well.

My name is Rambunctious…

Connecting to Facebook to write a response to an article? That’s just dumb, I don’t want my friends new feed to be littered with opinions regarding local news. Unless you live in the same county chances are your friends will have no clue what your post is regarding, nor will they care! If I want those posts on my page I’ll post the article myself, I don’t need any paper to decide what shows up on my wall, it’s called social media for a reason! The other part to this is maybe I work for an agency that serves others and that agency has strict policy about what you say publicly. There can be a thousand reasons why people choose to post under names other than their own, I think the real reason for doing this is to stop people from having opinions and raising questions that they don’t want to answer! It’s puts a stop to people sharing what they know, without fear of retaliation. So from now on just take what the Tribune says as gospel or pay the price!

Hi All,

This will answer any questions regarding the new Tribune posting rules using Facebook; All new posts on the Tribune web site will NOT post to your Facebook page or wall.

Read at

Not true click on the name of some one who has posted, it takes you to their page and the comment is on their page.