Shooting of Santa Maria suspect deemed justified

September 19, 2013

gunThe Santa Barbara County District Attorney’s office ruled an officer involved shooting last year in Santa Maria was justified. [KCOY]

On Aug. 12, 2013, Santa Maria police shot and killed a man who led them on a high-speed chase through Nipomo, Guadalupe and Santa Maria. The shooting of Robert Reyes, 37, was one of four officer involved shootings that occurred over a 13-month period of time in Santa Maria.

Betty Reyes, Robert Reyes sister, told Central Coast News that her brother was depressed after finding out his wife was pregnant by a man she was having an affair with. Robert Reyes called their mother shortly before he died.

“He screamed and said Lord forgive me,” Betty Reyes told KCOY. “Then my mom heard the phone drop and all she could hear were dozens of clicking and banging type sounds. Then she said she heard some gargling sound and then the phone died.”

According to the investigation report, officers fired 18 shots at Robert Reyes.

“Five or six hit his body. One of which went through his jaw. The bullet went through and got him in the throat, which now makes sense why my mom heard the gargling sound,” Betty Reyes told KCOY.



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