California bans hunting with lead bullets

October 14, 2013

Jerry BrownGovernor Jerry Brown signed a bill into law Friday that will ban the use of lead bullets by hunters. [LA Times]

The lead bullet ban, introduced by Democratic Assemblyman Anthony Rendon, will take effect in July 2019.

“There is simply no reason to continue using lead ammunition in hunting when it poses a significant risk to human health and the environment,” Rendon said.

Brown approved Rendon’s AB 711 on the same day that he signed a total of 11 gun control bills and vetoed seven others.

The bills Brown signed include AB 48, which bans purchases of parts used to convert guns into assault-style weapons, and SB 683, which requires individuals purchasing rifles and shotguns to first obtain gun safety certification, as is already the case with those buying handguns.

Brown vetoed a bill that would ban all future manufacturing, importation and sale of semiautomatic rifles with detachable magazines. SB 374, introduced by Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg, would also have required current owners of semiautomatic rifles with detachable magazines to register them.

“I don’t believe that this bill’s blanket ban on semiautomatic rifles would reduce criminal activity or enhance public safety enough to warrant this infringement on gun owners’ rights,” Brown said.

Lawmakers introduced and passed all 18 of the gun control bills that reached Brown’s desk after the December 2012 shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut.




  1. LameCommenter says:

    This is not much more than a Democratic legislative gun grab. Those wishing to deny rights to shooters are satisfied with hijacking any argument. Claims of condor lead exposure are trumped, rigged, and anecdotal at best. Like someone else said, turkey vultures and coyotes are plentiful. It’s all in the rigging of the reports and studies while the evidence to refute avian lead exposure deaths flies over our heads every day (vultures and eagles which will also scavenge.)

    Copper or other non-lead bullets impart kinetic energy and make a clean rapid kill more difficult. Just look at the periodic table. As others have pointed out, they cost a lot more meaning shooters can enjoy their hobby and Constitutional rights less.

  2. yourstoall says:

    Will the new bullets cause any fires skidding off of rocks. Just saying.

  3. Jorge Estrada says:

    Are lead bullets going to be allow for shooting at humans?

  4. r0y says:

    ‘ “There is simply no reason to continue using lead ammunition in hunting when it poses a significant risk to human health and the environment,” Rendon said.’
    It is too bad people actually believe this; I’m not expecting any journalist to investigate or even ask a question, but really, there is more risk to “human health and the environment” from compact fluorescent light bulbs.

    It’s like saying, you have a 1 in a million chance to get hit by a meteor, so we’re banning all outdoor/above-ground activity.

  5. hijinks says:

    First they come after our ammunition, then our guns. Then they lock us up. Wake up Amerika.

  6. isoslo says:

    I think we now need to hire many thousands of additional state employees to enforce all of the laws that Brown and his fellow democrats have passed recently. They need to be “head of household” type jobs with “living wage” salary and the guaranteed income for life arrangement. Now we better increase taxes to pay for all of these people. But that shouldn’t be a problem because I know people do not mind paying more taxes in exchange for the improved quality of life that we will all enjoy once hunters can no longer use lead ammo.

    • Jorge Estrada says:

      Brown also has also championed an “assault with a dead weapon” catigory. His “No Lead In The Pencil Act” will lower the threashold to a one strike – serve time policy. (more humor)

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