Cambria board member challenging Gibson for supervisor

October 14, 2013
Muril Clift

Muril Clift

Muril Clift, member of the Cambria Community Services District (CSD) Board of Directors, will challenge incumbent Bruce Gibson for the District Two San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors seat.

Clift is a past president of the Cambria CSD board and the current chairman of the San Luis Obispo Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO). He is also a director for two Sacramento-based state agencies: the Special Districts Risk Management Authority and the Special Districts Leadership Foundation.

Both candidates are registered Democrats, but Clift takes issue with Gibson’s stance on land use policy.

Gibson has used the concept of “smart growth” to create a “no growth” environment in the communities of San Simeon, Cambria, Cayucos and Los Osos, Clift said in a press release Monday. Clift pledged to create a spirit of cooperation between the county and its communities.

District Two includes the entire North Coast of the county and part of San Luis Obispo.

Voters in the district first elected Gibson to the Board of Supervisors in 2006, then reelected him in 2010. The upcoming primary election will take place in June 2014.

Last year, Gibson admitted to having an extramarital affair with his legislative aide Cherie Aispuro. After briefly transferring Aispuro to another county department, Gibson rehired her as his aide.



Be careful what you wish for in Muril Clift. And for folks like SLOBIRD, trust me, there’s a lot to learn about his record. Being informed and educated is the key to making a wise decision.


A decent man, who’s pledge it is to create a spirit of cooperation. What a novel concept.

Pack your bags Bruce. You too Cherie!

Mitch C

Bruce, if you really have feelings for Cherie and Cherie, if you really have feelings for Bruce, you will retire at the end of this term. The hell that your erelationship will go through during the course of an election will not be pretty. Also, innocent ex-spouses will be further hurt as the details of your relationship become more and more public (not to mention those who will fabricate or embellish things to prove a point and/or support an opponent). Bruce, your 15 minutes are over … the gracious thing to do is to leave with whatever dignity you have left … it only gets worse from here.



I am feeling mountains move.

Muril Clift looking forward to meeting and supporting your campaign.


Muril, owned the State Farm office in Santa Maria for several years, when Duane Brown here in Morro Bay sold his office Muril sold the SM office an dbought this one as he lives in Cambria and this was a much closer commute. I had insurance thru Brownie and when Muril took over I stayed on as had a friend of mine that lived in SM, I found him very good to work with and he was always willing to listen to his customers.


Off subject a little bit. Had chance to do work for Brownie. He was a good man and he is missed.


Our family had insurance with Brownie for years, I got the biggest kick outa him,he was good people.




How wonderful to have a choice….someone other than Gibson who has done very little for most of his district. His arrogance and cavalier attitude are not appreciated. Also looking forward to learning more about Muril.


Party. The Postal Service, TV and radio will be loving it.

Ben Daho

Mr. Clift is a decent man.. He Deserves the position,. I PROMISE he’ll serve with honor


The bar is slow low right now that he doesn’t need to have honor, just know how. Gibson is a dirt bag and he can take that paid mistress with him wherever it is he decides to move on too. Let him pay for his mistress, not the taxpayers!

Reality Check

Looking forward to learning more about Muril Clift. Everyone who has been unhappy with Gibbon’s arrogant, bullying ways needs to look at other contender(s).


What is there to learn… He is not Gibson and that will get my support and vote!