Deputies shoot handcuffed Cayucos man

October 10, 2013
Jeremy Leon Bordegaray

Jeremy Leon Bordegaray

Santa Barbara County Sheriff deputies shot a handcuffed Cayucos man who was trying to escape on Sunday night critically wounding the suspect.

Shortly before 8 p.m., deputies responding to a report of trespassing found Jeremy Leon Bordegaray, 29, inside the Carpenteria residence. During his detainment, deputies discovered a loaded handgun in Bordegaray’s backpack.

While handcuffed in the backseat of a patrol car, Bordegaray kicked out the plexiglas, crawled into the front seat which contained several loaded law enforcement firearms, and attempted to flee the scene.

One of the officers fired several shots, striking Bordegaray. The injured suspect was taken to Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital where he is listed in critical condition.

Deputies booked Bordegaray in absentia for assault with a deadly weapon against a peace officer, being a felon in possession of a firearm, possession of a stolen vehicle, possession of controlled substance while armed with a firearm, possession with the intent to sell methamphetamine, a parole violation, trespassing, resisting arrest and providing false information to a peace officer.


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Shame on all of you. No one deserves to be gunned down. Specially by ones that are supposedly trained to help and protect you weather you are the bad guy or good guy. He was handcuffed and unarmed? And last time I checked, the protocal for pursuits wasn’t for a cop to take out his gun and shoot multiple times at the suspect. Its a shame that we will never know both sides of the story. So anyone who wants to make a negative comment about anything should have some respect for his family who has lost their son. And any of you parents out there should hope and pray that WHEN and IF your child makes a bad decision, that they won’t be gunned down and killed!

Angie here is the thing people may not think about. One you have a guy that was just arrested, high on meth, in possession of a firearm, trespassing etc. Now the guy is so desperate that he has broke out of the squad car moments later. They don’t know as he went through the front seat if he may or may not of got any weapon. Now the guy is desperate, as he has proven and running. Do you let him run and find out later, be it an hour or hours later, that in his desperation he caused harm to others or do you cut your losses now?

Yes not pleasant but if a choice between someone who has made their choices on their OWN free will or protecting the public, I say go with what the officers did. You and Stunned keep making the case for him so how about this. What if in him running he got a car and in a wild chase ran over you or someone in your family. Would you still feel the same?

Always nice to see the armload of keyboard cowboys out. If we are so big, tough and brilliant why haven’t we come to grips with the addictions sweeping the land? Your best advice is to simply put them down like dogs?

How quickly you change when these drugs happen upon one of your loved ones. Then the defense funds come rolling in…..true or false its the reality of throwing stones in a glass house.

I’m as sick as anyone of seeing these 20 somethings and older totally lost to a drug they can get for pennies….just sick but, sicker yet of grown adults referring to their fellow man in such nasty ways. Come on America……

Yea our bad. We should have left him alone in the house and if the owners came home and he got scared and shot them, then we should have taken him out for milk and cookies and try to understand what his problems are.

Yea I know sounds ridicules, just like your comment.

I, like I believe many, don’t have a problem helping people with addictions out. But if they commit crimes in the meantime I am NOT for just saying, oh to bad let’s look the other way. So what if you were on drugs. You do punishment regardless. You don’t get a special pass and if you where injured in the process, that goes along with your deeds.

The guy is 29 years old…..

If he doesn’t have his life in order by then,

he’s a lost cause. I don’t feel the least

bit sorry for him.

Those are at least three felonies, so if he lives and is convicted will he be in prison forever? What a lowlife living at taxpayers’ expense. Is he one of the homeless we are so desperately trying to comfort?

Wait… where was the “assault with a deadly weapon?” I think I missed it.

Driving the sheriff’s car…

* dash mounted shotguns*

Meth is the Devil’s candy. It brings nothing but trouble. I can’t see wasting a lot of limited taxpayer dollars on keeping this tweeker in prison, but if he lives he’ll get three hots and a cot at our expense.

Hopefully the critical condition will become a terminal condition. I can just see this guy wanting to sue the police. This one sounds legitimate police action. Not like our folks who kill people in the jail cells or trailer parks or sell drugs or smuggle drugs.