Morro Bay blast deemed firework-like device

February 18, 2014

fireworksA blast that prompted a series of 911 calls in Morro Bay Sunday night was caused by a high-powered, improvised firework device, according to the Morro Bay Police Department. [Tribune]

The illegal device sounded around 10:07 p.m. Sunday and created a flash and smoke, residents said. Some residents said they felt the ground shake.

The blast occurred in a fenced-off dirt lot adjacent to the recently closed Morro Bay Power Plant at 1290 Embarcadero Road. The device did not affect the power plant.

Morro Bay police have yet to identify a suspect in the incident. An investigation is ongoing.


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Maybe it was Joey Racano trying to blow up the power plant? (J/K Joey!!!)

Where was Larry Allen? HMMMM…..

Could think of some better locations to set this off at! Just sayin’