Former Morro Bay Mayor Bill Yates dies at 66

March 21, 2014
Bill Yates

Bill Yates

Former Morro Bay Mayor Bill Yates died Wednesday following a battle with lung cancer. He was 66.

Yates, a former businessman and yachtsman, served four terms as mayor from 1992 to 2012. He was unseated by Jamie Irons in 2012.

In 1997, he took a break from office and sailed the Pacific Ocean. He was known for his signature Hawaiian shirts.

Yates is survived by his wife Lindsay and five children.

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While many of us did not agree with Mr. Yates on many things, I think we all wish him, as curlyp so eloquently put it, “clear skies and a following sea”. Being an old sailor myself, I can’t think of a nicer thing anyone could possibly say. I think we all wish peace and comfort for the family as well.

mbactivist1….WELL said……and to the thumbs down person……..what is up with that? CLEARLY a very MEAN person.

+My prayers go out to Lindsay and the entire Yates family+

Bill, in 1968 Bob Russel co-wrote this song just a year and a half before he too died of cancer. This is a tribute to you. I hope some day that you are appreciated and honored for all you did for Morro Bay, including the Twin Bridges project.‎

Hopefully, CCN will find time to run a more complete article on Bill’s life and times in Morro Bay, instead of just publishing this standard obit. He deserves more.

Bill, you’re a good man who will be missed. Thanks for all the good you did for the City of Morro Bay.

We acknowledge differences of opinion in many areas, but it put a “thumbs down” on this statement (or any similar statement on any story about someone who has passed) is shameful.

May you have clear skies and a following sea. You are relieved Sir, We have the watch.

curlyp says: “May you have clear skies and a following sea. You are relieved Sir, We have the watch” Exceptionally thoughtful tribute; very nautical and touching, curly. Remarks worthy of a poet or funeral eulogist. Thank you.

Let’s be certain to honor his memory and put a smile on his heavenly face by removing Mayor Irons for poor and damaging decisions.

Mayor Yates, we indeed have the watch now, per curlyp, and come election day, we’ll honor you further and undo our reversible error of replacing your sort of dedication, service, and mayoral common sense with someone of tragically less capable judgment.

Who uses someone’s passing to push a political agenda? TACKY

Lyndon Johnson and Lois Capps.

“Home is the sailor, home from the sea

And the hunter home from the hill..

Aloha Bill