State parks spending $1 million to fence Oceano dunes

March 20, 2014

dunesCalifornia state parks is spending $1 million to erect 15 acres of fences in the Oceano dunes off-road vehicles area to slow the flow of dust into nearby residences. [KEYT]

For several years, state parks has battled the San Luis Obispo County Air Pollution Control District over regulating dust that blows out of the dunes riding area. In 2011, the air district passed the dust rule, which would fine state parks $1,000 a day if it does not reduce the amount of dust blowing onto the Nipomo Mesa. California Attorney General Kamala Harris is currently suing the air district over the regulation.

State parks plans to keep the fences up until July. Spring is the windiest season of the year, and air pollution tends to increase during the season.

Over the past couple months, state parks brought in international desert and dune scientists to help design the fences.

State parks also plans to install air and wind monitors to track the progress of the design.


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Look at all the “dislikes” on the comments. I think maybe we’re hitting too close to home guys.

Nipomo Mesa is a sand dune. It was formed out of blowing sand long before the Automobile was even invented.

Who are you going to blame for the blowing sand once vehicles are banned from the Beach? Oh, Wait. I know, you will blame the vehicles that drove on the dunes up until then.

Once vehicles are banned, the dunes will look like the dunes south of Guadalupe and be just as unstable.

For those of you who live on the Nipomo Mesa, Why do you think your house was so cheap to begin with? Could it be that anyone with a lick of sense knows that it is a Blowing, Sifting Sand Dune? If it is afternoon, the wind is blowing, especially in the summer.

This is really too funny, if they had stopped the sand from blowing thousands of years ago the Nipomo Mesa wouldn’t even be there! LOL!

Fifteen acres of fencing is a ten foot fence over twelve miles or a fifteen foot fence over eight miles long. Are these guys for real?


Arlene Versaw lives in the area least impacted by PM10.

Pretty telling video and map evidence. However, I doubt that the anti OHV folks will let the facts get in their way.

Dunes Control: It’s not about the dunes, it’s about control.