Immigration enforcement facility approved in Santa Maria

March 28, 2014

immigrationThe Santa Maria City Council approved plans to build a U.S. Customs and Immigration Enforcement facility Thursday night, irking scores of residents. [KSBY]

Last month, the Santa Maria Planning Commission voted to issue ICE a permit to build the facility despite thousands of people showing up to protest the plan. The council then received four appeals of the project, but voted 3-2 Thursday to allow ICE to build the facility.

ICE officials say the facility will serve as a processing center for felons released from prison with questionable citizenship status.

“It will be targeted enforcement, targeted arrests after criminal aliens that are again in the community that are victimizing immigrants and the U.S. citizens here in the community,” said ICE spokesman David Marin.

But, residents voiced concerns that ICE would use the facility for rounding up undocumented immigrants in Santa Maria.

“The city council and the planning commission don’t care about our citizens,” said Santa Maria resident Walter Taylor. “They only care about the business they bring into the community.”

ICE will build the immigration enforcement facility near the corner of McCoy Land and South Depot Street in western Santa Maria.



About time! If you wanna live in our great country, then you have to follow the rules. They should have an ICE office in every city in California. I am sick of my tax dollars being thrown away so Jose with his 5 anchor babies can live here for the next 30 years on our CITIZENS dime. I don’t care how cold hearted that sounds. How dare a population that already receives handouts from every direction try and oppose an agency from doing its job. I am not one to support much government actions, but this I feel is necessary. Put one in SLO, right by the Sunset Drive-In, put one in Paso Robles, and don’t forget Oceano! There is NOTHING wrong with a little check-in with ICE. What are the illegals supposed to receive special treatment? The one rule they have to follow and they oppose it? Give me a F—ing break. If you aren’t hear legally, then go home, no special treatment here!


Perhaps so we can stop hearing people complain about displaced Americans due to illegal immigration, being so called “homeless trash”. Did you ever stop to think when the city of San Luis Obispo is giving out tickets for sleeping that most of these “homeless trash” are honest American born citizens who have no housing due to illegal immigration? Then they are illegally ticketed by scum like Jan Marx and her fellow communist police for sleeping? And you wonder why they go break the law and commit crimes? Because they are doing it out of necessity, due to their newfound refugee status, thanks to the garbage contaminated, “we are better than you” baby boomer generation, who are so freeking lazy that they can’t even take responsibility for their incompetence in running a government.

Theo P. Neustic

“The city council and the planning commission don’t care about our citizens,” said Santa Maria resident Walter Taylor. Uh, hello Einstein, they’re not citizens! Talk about saying it often enough then it becomes truth…


War On Undocumented Immigrants Threatens To Swell U.S. Prison Population

I say deport and do not imprison the nonviolent’s.

The children of illegal aliens (anchor babies) have bankrupted the state of California,during a typical month, close to 15,000 offspring of illegal aliens received either welfare payments or food stamps in 2009. Over 11,000 of those children received both forms of assistance.


Border Patrol nets Santa Maria gang member outside of Calexico

U.S. Border Patrol agents apprehended a member of the Surenos 13 gang as he tried to illegally enter the country on Tuesday.


California to open illegal alien-only DMV facility in Lompoc.

“This is only the first step. When a million people without their documents drive legally with respect to the state of California, the rest of this country will have to stand up and take notice. No longer are undocumented people in the shadows,” reported the L.A. Times.

California officials expect to process 1.4 million driver’s license applications for illegals aliens over the next three years, at a cost of $140 million to $220 million to the taxpayers.”

Doesn’t make since, we build an ICE and then a DMV Illegal Alien only DMV facility.

Oh, and by the way, anyone who says they are not costing California taxpayers, hello, what planet do you live on!


More deportations, Santa Maria is a battleground of illegal immigrants, they’re everywhere, they should had ICE over there years ago. Santa Maria is a town of free services, people get all sorts of free social services, even Allan Hancock college enrolls illegal immigrants, free classes and etc.


Paso Robles= ditto


Been to Oxnard lately?

Here’s a hint….don’t go.


The idea that illegal immigrants can keep ICE out of town is like saying that CMC inmates get to make a decision to eliminate prison guards.

This is what happens when you allow an illegal population to take over a town. Mayor Alice Patino and Councilmember Terri Zuniga cast the dissenting votes against the ICE facility. I hope Santa Maria gets rid of these “anti-US law enforcement” elected officials.


Well, in this mixed-up world, it kind of makes perfect sense. If illegals can get drivers’ licenses, become attorneys, receive in-state tuition, get health care/food/housing assistance…then why not?

This very week, Obama is out traveling the world again, criticizing Russia for not respecting the borders of Crimea and Ukraine…while right here in our country, we have basically an open border with Mexico. Thanks to Obama, Holder and others, Mexico is not “respecting” our sovereignty whatsoever!


There are a lot of things about Obama that I don’t like too, but please have the integrity to keep your criticisms honest. During his time in office the border has become significantly tighter and deportations have increased. In fact, this may hurt the Democratic party in the next Presidential election as many Latinos may drop their support for them because of these policies.

You may not be satisfied with the rate of progress in stopping illegal immigration but say so without passing on partisan misinformation to make your point. (Or maybe you are fooled by his rhetoric like so many others on both the liberal and conservative sides.)

By the way, the situation in the Ukraine is vastly different from our border situation and comparing the two is way beyond “apples and oranges” — “weeds and redwoods” maybe.

miles archer

“The idea that illegal immigrants can keep ICE out of town is like saying that CMC inmates get to make a decision to eliminate prison guards.”

Open your eyes just a bit wider…

It wasn’t JUST about “illegal immigrants” alone voicing their concerns…it was also the (many) local homeowners (NIMBYs) who were quite vocal of their opposition to the ICE facility. Go meet some of them. They’re nice people…I’m sure they would love to have you over to discuss why they were against the project!

Those “anti-US law enforcement” officials you speak of were also doing their duty by representing the dissenting voices of those homeowners.

But hey…in the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t matter WHO opposed this. Because in the end, the feds always get what they want anyway.


They need to construct another facility just outside the capital in Sacramento.


To what purpose?