Moriarty gets a new lawyer

March 24, 2014
Al Moriarty

Al Moriarty

Al Moriarty, the Grover Beach man accused of running a $22 million Ponzi scheme, was appointed a new lawyer after his former lawyer had his law license suspended.

Moriarty is accused of placing nearly $10 million of investor funds in his personal bank account, according to San Luis Obispo County District Attorney’s office investigators. Moriarty, 80, allegedly used the funds to pay other investors, construction cost on his own home and other personal and business expenses.

Shortly after Moriarty’s arrest last May on seven felony charges, he retained Tom Allen as his attorney. Then he met Santa Maria attorney Scott Whitenack inside the San Luis Obispo County Jail where they were both incarcerated.

San Luis Obispo County law enforcement officers arrested Whitenack three times last year for a range of misdemeanors and felonies, including public intoxication and second-degree burglary.

Prior to leaving jail last September, Whitenack talked Moriarty, 80, into switching attorneys. Nevertheless, because of Whitenack’s legal issues the California State Bar’s has placed him under and interim suspension order, meaning that he cannot currently practice law.

On March 19, Judge Teresa Estrada-Mullaney appointed San Luis Obispo based attorney Jeffrey D. Stulberg as Moriarty’s attorney of record.

A trial setting conference is scheduled for April 30.


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Luckily we each have our day in court. Seriously…..ban his name and ignore the massive donation without any measure of guilt being displayed? Obviously we can all see the outcome coming but, this isn’t the 1800’s wild west and “the sheriff ain’t offerin’ no thief to the hangin’ tree, right?”

C’mon Americans!

One of the things Moriarity did with his stolen loot was give some of it to Cal Poly athletics, including enough to get his name “Moriarity Enterprises” with cutesy shamrock displayed across the top of the Mustang Stadium scoreboard, where Cal Poly keeps it, even today. Come on Cal Poly: take that name down lest we think you condone crooks.

Well they are crooks. Look at what the president and all of the cronies get paid and the benefit packages they get for part time work, There are many serving time in prisons for stealing less.

Cal Poly is an O.K. school, but no-one ever said they had any class, or morals. Just another (junior) College on the central coast.

Come on, he is a proud alum of Cal Poly, right along with Scott Peterson. Hinjinks you are right, USC stripped any connection with OJ just after he was charged, but not Cal Poly – sad, sad, sad state.

I’ll go out on a limb here and say: I don’t think Mr. Moriarity makes good choices.

Just another bill for the taxpayers. Probably around $350 or more an hour until the turnip is

sucked dry. How does someone embezzle millions of dollars and then get a court appointed

attorney. Looks like we too are getting embezzled. What a system.

Kelly Gearhart even has a court appointed attorney.