California gubernatorial candidate is registered sex offender

March 24, 2014
Glenn Champ

Glenn Champ

Republican candidate for the California governorship, Glenn Champ, has a criminal record that includes convictions of voluntary manslaughter and assault to commit rape. He is a registered sex offender. [Washington Post]

A jury convicted Champ of two counts of assault to commit rape in 1993 after he picked up underage prostitutes. The manslaughter conviction came six years later after an incident in which he did not realize he had struck the victim with his car.

Champ found God in prison, he said.

He also said prison gave him insight into the minds of politicians roaming the capitol building in Sacramento.

“I know what the criminal mind thinks, and I know how it works and I know how to stop it,” Champ told the Los Angeles Times.

Champ, who is running for office for the first time, is one of four Republican candidates for governor. He received a 10-minute speaking slot recently at the state Republican party convention.

“We’re not in the business of vetting candidates, and we don’t pick winners and losers,” said state party chairman Jim Brulte.


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This is what happens when felons get their rights restored to them.

This clown committed violent felonies,his new found faith not withstanding, people who are convicted of felonies should be barred from voting, holding a position of power or trust, such as a lawyer, banker or investment advisor and holding any elected office.

God, GOP and the criminal mind. Nice combo.

So…we’ve got illegals getting driver’s licenses, and becoming lawyers while being granted immunity for any crimes previously committed, Lady Gaga goes swimming in the Hearst Castle pool during the worst drought in history and Gerry’s kids can’t smoke pot legally anytime soon….YOU CAN’T MAKE THIS STUFF UP!


Add to your list, the two California Senators who are still on the payroll, one is a convicted felon and the other has been indicted after an FBI investigation.

I don’t think the Dems are exactly famous for their thorough vetting of

candidates either, e.g. our current President.

looking at the photo above, I think He’s holding up the wrong finger ! Possibly more People will be leaving California after the elections.

The blackjack for beating people to a pulp in the other hand is the greater concern.

“We don’t pick winners and losers.” No, they only pick losers.

lol, +1

Couldn’t agree more. Party politics is often full of “losers,” unfortunately.

His resume fully meets the standards to hold public office. He has already been convicted so that would free him up to maybe getting something done. Far chance though.

I think most politicians are sex offenders, they have been screwing their constituents for a long time.

Please don’t talk about Supervisors Gibson and Hill in quite that manner.

QUOTING THE ARTICLE: “He received a 10-minute speaking slot recently at the state Republican party convention.”

It is like the GOP is trying to lose.

The excuse that they don’t vet candidates is just stupid. You just don’t feature at a state convention a candidate who has a history of rape, picking up teenage prostitutes, manslaughter, and prison time.

The message the GOP has sent to voters is they are so soft on crime they think it is grand to prominently feature at a convention a candidate with Champ’s history. The GOP is endorsing the heinous acts by Champ.

MARY– The convention is EXACTLY WHERE CANDIDATES ARE VETTED! By the party membership, not the leaders. If the leaders censored LEGAL CANDIDATES where would that leave democracy within the party?

This is a story that is badly reported and understood.

This candidate is a non-starter. But I’m glad the convention gave everyone (even non-starters) opportunity to introduce themselves and state their case. There should be more challengers inside parties. Re-electing the same drones (Boxer, Feinstein, et al.) time after time is bad for the people. Fresh ideas and people should constantly challenge the entrenched, and partisans should have opportunity to side with a new candidate.

I agree, Kevin. I think the issue in this story is the fact that the GOP featured Champ in a state convention.

did they have a choice? that is the issue.

They SHOULD give him time. Even if a candidate is not liked, a party shouldn’t black-ball any official candidate (one that is actually running for public office) from getting their equal podium time. The whole point is the actual members get to hear from the candidate unfettered by the party leadership.

That’s called democracy.

The Dems in this county USED to have a very good set of bylaws that ensured EVERY Democrat candidate got a chance to be considered for endorsement. The current (Pat Harris) Dems, however, scuttled the old bylaws and removed many of its democratic protections. There was at least one Dem in the last election that was never asked to interview (because they already had their favorite).