Pismo Beach group’s large lot ballot initiative

March 9, 2014
Sheila Blake promotes large parcel measure.

Sheila Blake promotes large parcel measure.

A group of Pismo Beach residents are working to promote a ballot initiative focused on requiring large acreage developments on the east side of the city.

The group dubbed Save Price Canyon is working to get the required signatures to bring its proposal to a vote in November. The group has been battling against several “smart growth” developments proposed for the Price Canyon area.

Smart growth is a planning theory that concentrates growth in compact walkable areas to avoid sprawl. The developers in Price Canyon had proposed hundreds of homes on small contiguous lots with walking trails and community centers. The bulk of the land would remain open space.

If passed, the measure would change the city’s general plan and limit parcel size to 40 acres or larger, with a maximum of two homes per parcel on the east side of Pismo Beach. Currently, state law requires new projects to demonstrate that they have the water sources needed for the proposed developments.

If passed, Save Price Canyon’s initiative would require each project to have a new long-term water source.



20 years ago Malibu was a wonderful quiet coastal town. Now it’s as attractive as any other overbuilt/ overpopulated valley town.

Is that what we’re looking for?

We have beautiful, unique, quality towns that are just becoming recognized worldwide. If you need more of a crowded life, move to any of the Southern California beach towns. Don’t try to kill the golden egg called San Luis Obispo Coast!


“Yes, we sold our houses in L.A., Bay area, or such, made lots of money, moved to the cost, bought a house and now don’t want anyone else to do the same thing” Why is this often the case??


Some things are available only in a limited supply. That’s just how it is.

Housing in this area must necessarily be limited because we don’t have enough water to support a larger population. We scarcely have enough for the population we have now.

Reality Check

Pismo Residents: Before signing this initiative think about the unintended consequences. This initiative effects every parcel all the way to the ocean.

If passed it will hinder the long planned trail expansions along Pismo Creek; it will hinder the Anza trail project; and probably curtail the expansion / improvements of the Price Historical Park. The water requirement especially has far reaching and potentially harmful limitations not just on development, but also on expansion of parks, the sewer treatment facility. Development or not, the City needs to add further treatment to waste water. This initiative could prohibit expansion of the treatment facility. Anyone remember how it used to smell before the treatment plant was expanded some years ago????

The Planning Commission and City Council held many hearings and studied the Spanish Springs proposals. When the dust settled, the City sent it all back to the drawing board. Traffic issues along Price Canyon, cooperative planning of the multiple properties wishing to develop and other factors important to the Council and the residents were considered and heard by the Council. AND the project as planned was scuttled.

Amateurs trying to write binding policy is fool hardy for all concerned.

Before signing the initiative, really give it a careful reading and see if as a citizen of Pismo Beach you really want the stagnation and halt to planned trails and parks and perhaps curtailments of your own property use..


This is an out right lie. I’ve read the Initiative front to back and the Initiative changes only come into play if the property owner requests to be annexed into Pismo Beach. It leaves the creek trails in place but because the use will remain rural lands, walking trails weren’t appropriate to force on a property owner. The city can add trails back in if this is something they want, the treatment plant will be able to be expanded as needed,

If the folks at SavePriceCanyon.com hadn’t of done the Referendum the council would have voted this project through and the residents would be dealing with over sized and unneeded sprawl going back into a canyon that they have NO water for. Haven’t you heard, the state has said ZERO water will be delivered this year. One more year of drought and Pismo will not have water for its current residents. The residents would also be dealing with massive traffic jams as the “inland arterial” that was to mitigate traffic could never come to fruition, something the Savepricecanyon.com people have been saying for close to 10 years.

There are no property rights violated here, as a matter of fact the SavePriceCanyon.com people believe that people should be able to utilize their property to the fullest as its zoned.

They have the truth on their side as well as the VOTES of Pismo Beach residents!


Yea, they purchased this heavily sloped, unusable land for grazing and now want to cash in. “Much will be preserved” they say, but MUCH IS UNBUILDABLE. That’s why it will be “preserved.”

No water, no access, no pass around 101, and so solutions = no way.

Thanks for fighting this particular form of greed.


“Smart growth is a planning theory that concentrates growth in compact walkable areas to avoid sprawl. The developers in Price Canyon had proposed hundreds of homes on small contiguous lots with walking trails and community centers. The bulk of the land would remain open space.”

Just like North Korea.