Driver in deadly Paso crash had drugs in his system

April 24, 2014

paso crashGrover Beach resident Jeremy Nathaniel Martin, who died in a February car crash in Paso Robles, was driving with drugs in his system at the time of the accident, according to a toxicology report released by the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office.

Martin, 26, died on February 26 after his car swerved in front of an oncoming pickup truck on Highway 46 near Union Road. Martin’s passenger, 24-year-old Christopher Micheal Medin, of Paso Robles, also died in the collision.

The toxicology report conducted by the San Luis Obispo County coroner’s unit found the prescription drug Codeine and also Ibuprofen in Martin’s system. Martin also tested positive for THC, which is the chemical responsible for most psychological effects produced by marijuana.

Both Martin and Medina died of blunt force trauma.

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Codeine can stay in your system from 1-4 days depending on the amount, consistancy, exc, Ibuprofen is a non narcotic, and marijuana can stay in your system for up to 30 days. Just because these three “substances” came up in his system DOES NOT MEAN HE WAS UNDER THE INFLUENCE AT THE TIME OF THE ACCIDENT… i do not remember ever seeing that they had found marijuana in the vehicle but if they did, so be it. Just because it was in the car once again doesnt mean he was under the influence. Regardless of the arguments and opions everyone wants to throw out there about putting his passanger in danger and choosing your friends carefully, THINK CAREFULLY BEFORE YOU POST WORDS THAT CANT BE TAKEN BACK. I hope both these boys R.I.P!!! Sad such young lives taken. FREAK ACCIDENTS CAN HAPPEN TO ANYONE AT ANY TIME. CHERISH EVERY MOMENT YOU HAVE WITH YOUR LOVED ONES. TAKE THE KEYS AWAY FROM SOMEONE THAT IS UNDER THE INFLUENCE. My heart goes out to the family and friends of both boys.

You are so right. How many people out there take a codeine or a vicodin (prescription) for a temporary injury or a tooth ache, shoulder pain, etc. and drive while taking the prescription drug? It doesn’t mean you are impaired. The fact that there was also ibuprofen which is over the counter pain medication makes me think he had a legitimate reason. Many doctors tell you to take both. Marijuana does stay in the system for up to 30 days.

Ibuprofen = the generic form of Motrin.

You are only high for a few hours after smoking pot. After that, metabolizes are still in your system even though they have no effect on you. Maybe he just made a miss take. I feel safer driving on the road with a bunch of cautious potheads than senile seniors that can’t see, hear or react well.

Well said :)

Feeling no pain. I’ve been told many times that pot is “totally safe.” Not so.

Well it is like alcohol and you shouldn’t be driving on it.

Anyone who tells you pot is “totally safe” is blowing smoke — probably loaded with THC. However, many of us do consider pot to be less unsafe than alcohol and think that the laws should reflect that by treating it no differently than alcohol. (DUI is illegal no matter what you are under the influence of.)

I am disappointed in the way you guys chose to report this. There is no evidence that he was actually intoxicated at the time of the crash. And frankly, I don’t think it matters. People just need to be held accountable for what they do, not what their state of mind was. These guys are dead, so they have paid the ultimate price and fortunately didn’t take anyone with them.

Where did you read that he was or was not impaired?

mkaney said ” These guys are dead, so they have paid the ultimate price and fortunately didn’t take anyone with them.”

The driver killed his passenger, too! Do you really think that people who ride with bad drivers deserve to die?!?!?!

Choose you friends carefully,

People who use drugs have a way of taking down

other people with them, like in this case.

I agree on accountability but here is the problem. He drove while high. He should not have done as he put himself and others at risk. That would then make him????????????? Accountable.

Second, no evidence he was intoxicated (i.e. high) at time of crash? I know your argument will probably be the fact that THC can stay in your system for thirty days but the fact they found a bag of weed in the car and him blowing through an OBVIOUS stop sign (I go through that area quite a bit) I would say odds are better he was high than not.

The article here does not mention that “they found a bag of weed in the car.” I take it that you’ve seen a more thorough source of news about this accident. If he was under the influence (pot, booze,codeine, whatever), yeah, that is not good.

However, it could also just be due to the youthful overconfidence so common among young people that often disappears only with age and experience. Unfortunately, experience can remove overconfidence in rather harsh ways — such as this incident.

Sorry, yes it was Trib or another article here that I read about the weed being found in the front seat.

Well let’s look at it another way. If they had found alcohol in his system and an open container in the car what would the assumption be? Don’t get me wrong I am not against alcohol or pot, only driving under the influence of such.