Los Osos McDonald’s approved with drive-through

April 9, 2014

mcdonaldsThe San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors approved plans Tuesday for a McDonald’s restaurant to open in Los Osos with a drive-through. [Tribune]

On a 4-1 vote, the board reversed the decision of the county planning commission, which voted 4-1 to approve the restaurant but deny the drive-through. Supervisors Bruce Gibson, who represents Los Osos and is up for reelection in June, cast the lone dissenting vote.

Gibson said he supported McDonald’s opening in Los Osos, but not with a drive-through because it does not support a pedestrian friendly environment.

Most of the approximately 100 people who attended opposed the McDonald’s and/or its drive-through.

The supervisors conditionally approved the Los Osos McDonald’s such that it can only operate from 5 a.m. to midnight Monday through Thursday. Friday through Sunday, the burger franchise can remain open until 1 a.m.

The restaurant will seat 50 customers. It will fill a vacant site in a shopping center on Los Osos Valley Road.


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I love the people against this. They cite the quality of the food or this or that. If you don’t like fine, we get it but save your b.s. excuses that are so LAME!!! This is how a free market works. As others have suggest if you don’t like don’t frequent. That way the market will decide if it succeeds or goes away. It is the same people that complain about Wal-Mart and then you see them shopping there. That is called hypocrisy my friends.

Geez….over 30 years just to get 1 sewer, a simple 4 to 1 vote to get a second. It’s amazing how far we have come.

Some of you have criticized Sup. Gibson for voting to uphold the wishes of what he saw that his constituents wanted – those who live in Los Osos – not in Morro Bay or any other town that already has a MacDuh.

I wonder how Mr. Gibson’s opponent would vote if he should be elected and four of the supervisors voted to put a MacDuh in Cambria (where he comes from). After all Cambria has a much greater tourist base than LO will ever have, and if MacDuh fits here, it certainly would do o.k. in Cambria. Why doesn’t someone up there propose it?

I am wondering how MacDuh even got in since we are having a supposed

‘water conservation program”. Just think of all the flushes that will be used when that place is filled to capacity. and all the papers tossed out of windows when tourists pass by on their way to Montana de Oro. (Who did the buyer know?)

Will any of you proponents now volunteer to pick up after them?

Well, at least there will be some others who will be happy that it was approved:

the LOCSD member who will get a nice commission for handling the sale

and Ralph’s market when the shoppers mosey on down the street instead of fighting the traffic at Von’s shopping center.

Mr Gibson did not vote against the Mickey D because he wanted to support the residents. He voted because he knew it would pass anyway and it would look good to both sides. The pro Mickey D people are getting the facility and the anti McD folks (if they drink the kool-aid) will think Gibson supported them. Gibson and Hill are a voting block. They never disagree on anything so this was a set up from the get go and a Tammany Hall type of political trick. Gibson hopes the voters will fall for this one again.

How are they getting in with a water problem? Did you read the link to Tribune? They are providing water retrofits elsewhere in city to offset. Oh and before you complain about that, that has been a device used since the 77 drought. They aren’t the first to do.

Hey Ted…

I’ve read all of Taylor Caldwell’s books…

Here’s a snippet for ya from “Dialogues with the Devil” …

“If the Heavenly Hosts are joyous when a soul is saved, how much more are the damned joyous when a soul falls!” — Lucifer…

Have a nice day…

Old Salt,

Agreed! I just hope the pseudo-christians that deny God’s true words take heed to your very inspiring statement! We can only pray that they do.

Los Osos now has a McDonalds, really people? If you like McDonalds go there if you don’t, don’t go there. Why is this news?