Bears popping up in South County

May 23, 2014

BlackBearTwo bears have made appearances in Arroyo Grande this week, following one showing up in Nipomo last week. [KSBY]

On Thursday morning, a bear appeared on Via Bandolera in the Rancho Grande Area of Arroyo Grande. A resident shot video of the animal crossing the street.

On Tuesday, witnesses saw a bear on Printz Road in rural Arroyo Grande. Last week, elementary school students spotted a bear walking around Nipomo Regional Park next to a baseball field.

Arroyo Grande police are investigating but cannot confirm whether the same bear made each of the appearances. Officials say more frequent bear sightings may occur in the coming months due to the ongoing drought.

Park rangers remind residents to keep their trashcans secure.


If the Fish and Game Commission was doing science-based wildlife management instead of pandering to HSUS and PETA wackos, this wouldn’t be a problem.


Time to reinstitute a bear hunting season in this county. Unfortunately, people use emotions instead of their brains when deciding such things.


While I am not opposed to re-instituting a bear hunting season if the DFW thinks it is warranted, I am not going to let fear (another emotional reaction) make that decision for me.


If you are serious about shooting something to deal with bear appearances close to human endeavors, you will have to start the shooting by aiming at the drought.

I live in an area in very close proximity to many farm fields. During times of droughts, we routinely see deer in the fields, driven to forage in areas in which they usually do not forage because of drought-related absence of their usual foraging spots in their normal habitat in the wild.

When the deer appear in the farm fields, we know that wild animals who depend on deer for food (cougars, bears) may follow their food source into local neighborhoods.

Bears and other apex predators appear in urban areas because that is where the food is. The more humans infringe on the predators’ hunting grounds, and the more we deny responsibility for the climate changes, including multi-year droughts, that further decrease their ability to find food in their usual hunting grounds in the wilds, the more we can expect to see these apex predators near our homes.


Climate change IS happening. It has been happening since the beginning of time. However, we are NOT causing it! There is NO PROOF WHATSOEVER THAT HUMANS ARE CAUSING GLOBAL COOLING, GLOBAL WARMING, GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE OR ANY OTHER BEHAVIOR CONTROLLING SCHEME YOU COME UP WITH! (Yes, I am yelling, you knuckleheads are screwing this country up).

I have lived in this county through many droughts and the bears never came amongst us with the regularity that they do now. We are NOT infringing on their “hunting grounds”, unless, Brisco and 101 and Noyes and Printz are hunting areas. They are coming amongst us because they have learned we are NOT a threat.




Nice, educated response. Typical of the climate change alarmist crowd. They say there is no longer any discussion on the matter, that it is settled. Arrogant, pompous, knuckleheads.

Ted Slanders

We should make use of these Black Bears post haste, just like Elisha did within the scriptures!

“From there Elisha went up to Bethel. As he was walking along the road, some youths came out of the town and jeered at him. “Go on up, you baldhead!” they said. “Go on up, you bald head!” He turned around, looked at them and called down a curse on them in the name of the LORD. Then two bears came out of the woods and mauled forty-two of the youths.” (2 Kings 2:23-24)

I love how Elisha takes it to the point of invoking the name of our Hebrew God to help him in this unfortunate matter. Therefore, our God sends two bears out of the woods to maul and kill the unruly youths! Not only does this happen, but our God obviously condones it because it did happen. Our God is a man’s man, praise!

Pseudo-christians are constantly asking for prayer in schools to help get today’s kids in line with biblical principles, but I beg to differ. We need California Black Bears in our schools. If every Christian teacher had the power to summon a pair of child-maiming black bear avengers, you can bet that our schoolchildren would be the most well-behaved and polite children that ever existed.

It’s a simple choice: listen to the biology lesson, or get first-hand knowledge of the digestive system of Ursus americanus!

Noodly Appendages

Bear witness Brother!


I so appreciate your pragmatic approach to implementing biblical solutions to every-day problems.


Hooray for the bears. They are reclaiming what’s rightfully theirs. Don’t feed them, and there’s room for them to walk through town safely.



Only one problem with that theory, black bears are not native to the Central Coast, grizzly bears were. Black bears started migrating here over the last 87 years from the high sierra down through the Tehachapi Mountains, after the last Grizz was killed off in 1927.

They come down into most of the communities along the Central Coast in the summer, especially in times of severe drought like this year. So many had been getting hit on US 101 from the Cuesta Grade to Santa Margarita that CalTrans built a bear proof fence along both sides.


That must be some fence!


Yeah, except one got hit and killed by a car at 101 and Brisco about 3:30 this morning. Rightfully theirs? Seriously?