Lois Capps’ office murder and coverup scandal

May 22, 2014

Award winning investigative reporter Peter Lance’s series on the murder and coverup scandal plaguing Congresswoman Lois Capp’s office was published in the Santa Barbara News Press and touted in multiple journalism publications in early May, but primarily ignored in San Luis Obispo County.

In December, Raymond Morua, one of Capp’s representatives, struck and killed Mallory Rae Dies after attending a Christmas party as Capp’s representative. After plowing into Dies, Morua fled the scene at times reaching speeds over 80 mph. His blood alcohol was .17.

Raymond Morua and Lois Capps

Raymond Morua and Lois Capps

After Morua was arrested, Capps’ staffers allegedly forged documents in an attempt to get Morua out of jail and into a rehab center for vets. Capps office also responded by retaining legal council for Morua.

Even so,  after Dies was pronounced brain dead and taken off life support, her office did a complete turnabout. The lawyer procured by Capps’ office, suddenly backed out and said he would no longer represent Morua. In addition, her office then claimed that Morua was not authorized to attend the party and that he may have taken the invitation he used to enter the party, off another staffer’s desk.

Following are links to Lance’s five-part series:

Part One: Memories of Mallory
Part Two: Everybody Loved Raymond
Part Three: The Hero And The High Speed Chase
Part Four: Damage Control
Part Five: The Cover-up


fishing village

Congresswoman Capps has been a wonderful advocate of the people of our district.


fishing village…. would listen to your opinions if they were not so slanted, can you please tell me what Lois Capps has done to help our veterans? And what I mean by what has she REALLY done? Some specifics would be nice.


Please elaborate fishingvillage…….what has Capps done? Perhaps since you think she is the best thing since sliced bread you should be on a committee to help the homeless and veterans. I then, would be more then happy to discuss what Capps has done or doing. Are ya on board?

fishing village

again you all can’t write your own opinions you need to trash what other people say. so sad


Yes fv…..

Just as those who have opinions that differ from people who have no moral compass, look at life as relative, and are sheeple, they are bashed, hated, called names, and bullied to no end.

It works both ways in this age. Get a grip.


What is sad fishing village is your inability to look at the facts. You seem to be a cheer leader for Capp’s who has done ZERO to help our military and veterans, you support Mr. I can not keep my penis in my pants Gibson, the mayor of Morro Bay Mr. Non Transparency King of closed meetings Mayor Jamie Irons, coupled with his sidekicks Noah trust fund baby Smuckler, with Council member Christine Johnson whose husband just happened to be hired for a very high paying job by Irons wife, who just happens to be the city of SLO’s HR director Monica Irons. Can you spell NEPOTISM? I would go on to explain more to you, but no matter what details and facts are presented to you…well….. ya just dont get it.


Being relatively new to the area I have done a fair amount of homework, and must agree with you givemeabreak.


Does Frank have an opinion? Fishing Village?


Oh Please…time to take Frank out for a ride!


Am waiting for some specifics FV on what Capps has done? PLEASE…prove me wrong as I have been working with some vets for quite a while.(vets and the homeless looking for some help)what has she done? opinions aside.


Have to chuckle . . . if it’s a scandal and a cover up, it must be GOP based – they always are!! It is so obvious to the outside observer that it is becoming comical!! Benghazi . . . Benghazi . . . Benghazi . . .

Lois Capps is the only politician I have interfaced with who actually cares enough to get issues straightened out for individuals needing help with government complexities – no question of politics or motive. She and her staff (yes, there are bad apples out there) have been awesome!! Most politicians pass the buck to someone else, saying “sorry, nothing I can do” – Katcho included.

The death was a tragedy – tragedies happen, despite good people trying to do good things. Anyone can spin a story of “scandal and cover-up” – especially political campaigns just prior to an election.



Please do some research. It goes both ways.

Think for a moment………………….Ok, had Benghazi happened on the watch of a Republican President, don’t think for one moment that your party would not be all over it. Which includes the liberal bent MSM.

And if Morua had been with the GOP and this had happened? Throw out your ideological accusations, but be smart before you hurtle those accusations.

Look back into most recent history man [or] woman!


Tragedies happen??? The Capps office hired an employee without checking his criminal record. Two DUIs and embezzlement. Then gave him a gas and car allowance and sent him to events where alcohol and wine are served.

And you call this “Good people trying to do good things”. I call it incompetence on the part of her office.

Sore Throat

Yes it is indeed her.

I have a question. Isn’t plastic surgery a form of self deception? If she will deceive herself, it is no wonder that she has had no problem trying to deceive us.

Lois, If you need a new you, what did you decide was wrong with the old you? Did you really think that your inherent flaws could be solved with surgery? Maybe so, if your guiding light was Michael Jackson. It could be that you, like the rest of us, are trying to forget the old you. Science tells us that tighter skin

won’t fix what is wrong inside of you where the real problem lies. And anyway, if the old Lois makes a decision to create a new Lois isn’t that decision flawed because it came from the old Lois.

I’ve got a cheaper and better option than surgery to make you a better congresswoman; just pay attention.


Well said Sore Throat. Btw, I hope you feel better soon….

If I may opine on the last sentence of your retort; I would ask that Lois leave office altogether. She has lost all sense of having heart.

fishing village

I know Congresswoman Lois Capps personally and is an outstanding person, honorable and kind to everyone. She has helped seniors with health care issues and navigating through many government situations. I support Congresswoman Capps all the way!!


“…navigating through many government situations.”

Ever wonder how those “situations” got there and persist?



With all due respect. You are an imbecile. One considered a “sheeple”.


So, Village, Capps get a pass because you know her? I dont think so. Time to put the ol’ gal out to pasture. She had a good run on the coat tails of her late husband… but its time.


fishing village….you are CLEARLY out of touch with reality. I suggest you keep that top up on your convertible.



I think the “egg” is already fried.


Is the picture associated with this article recent? Is that the “Lois Capps”? Is it her stand in?

If it’s Lois Capps, I’m glad to see our tax $’s are being spent for the benefit of her constituents and the rest of us.

As for the story. Such a sad commentary of what our “We The People” government has become. Self absorbed.

This is what happens when government, any government at the time, kicks God out and becomes god. In their mind.

History avows this.

fishing village

Turning this terrible event into a political ‘witch hunt’ is way below awful. Congresswoman Lois Capps is a fine and honorable woman.

Theo P. Neustic

She’s a waste of oxygen plain and simple, that’s it, end of story!


Fine and honorable people to not participate in coverups.


Unless they could not get enough signatures on a failed recall campaign.


Is or was Capps being recalled?


fishing village…some examples of fine and honorable please? Many in our community have asked her to help with this, and she has responded with DEAF ears. We do not call that fine and honorable.



Everyone realizes that nothing will keep Liberals from voting for another Liberal, right? They can lie, cheat, steal, rape, kill, etc, and the left will still vote them in.


This is what I have witnessed for years. Say what you will about Conservatives OR republicans, but they will throw their own rotten apples under the bus pretty quickly. Hard to say the same for the democrats (esp. if they’re liberals – aka progressives).

It is truly sad how we’re are so easily programmed. After a time, it is even easy to see “the board” being set up (as it is now). I can see the “issues” that will define a party’s platform – an issue which was non-existent until it was constructed to be existent and important.

Just because a politician shows up and says they’re trying really hard or “fighting” for whatever “innocent victim” group (old people, kids, disabled, etc) does not mean they actually are worth a squat.

Heck, they can even be “mad as hell” and going to “get to the bottom” of important scandals – all the while claiming they knew nothing about anything. Sound familiar?

It should.


Maybe I should have said “Progressives”, because I do know some honorable people with liberal tendencies. And unfortunately, the progressive bandwagon carries people from both parties. Any Progressive Libertarians out there? Or is that an oxymoron?


And continue to blame it on those of us [as you shel], on the right.

And get away with it.

That is the MSM in todays world.

When will we as human beings realize that there is a “world unseen” going on around us.

The spiritual world.



Hey as long as they keep fighting for the right to kill babies andfreecmurderers, they’ve got my vote!


@ ach,

Surely you jest? In the words of Sheldon; “That’s sarcasm, right?” Oh good!, I’m getting it.


I am a liberal, and I do not automatically vote liberal.

I voted Green rather than vote for Obama or Hilary Clinton.


I have always attacked Lois for being a mental midget, but she has apparently learned the art of the cover -up as she has been studying under the master, her boss, for the last 6 years.


No truer words…..