Lois Capps’ office murder and coverup scandal

May 22, 2014

Award winning investigative reporter Peter Lance’s series on the murder and coverup scandal plaguing Congresswoman Lois Capp’s office was published in the Santa Barbara News Press and touted in multiple journalism publications in early May, but primarily ignored in San Luis Obispo County.

In December, Raymond Morua, one of Capp’s representatives, struck and killed Mallory Rae Dies after attending a Christmas party as Capp’s representative. After plowing into Dies, Morua fled the scene at times reaching speeds over 80 mph. His blood alcohol was .17.

Raymond Morua and Lois Capps

Raymond Morua and Lois Capps

After Morua was arrested, Capps’ staffers allegedly forged documents in an attempt to get Morua out of jail and into a rehab center for vets. Capps office also responded by retaining legal council for Morua.

Even so,  after Dies was pronounced brain dead and taken off life support, her office did a complete turnabout. The lawyer procured by Capps’ office, suddenly backed out and said he would no longer represent Morua. In addition, her office then claimed that Morua was not authorized to attend the party and that he may have taken the invitation he used to enter the party, off another staffer’s desk.

Following are links to Lance’s five-part series:

Part One: Memories of Mallory
Part Two: Everybody Loved Raymond
Part Three: The Hero And The High Speed Chase
Part Four: Damage Control
Part Five: The Cover-up



How desperate right-wingers are. If there was murder involved I’m sure a murder trial will happen. Of course only in your mind!


I’m sure that is true, but this seems straight forward.

Since this will clearly be a two horse race going to November, we will know the status in time. I think Junes outcome is a forgone conclusion.

Sore Throat

Ok “maybe not”, here’s the cliff note version. I’ve slowed the words down. It is about

being uniformed and making poor decisions as a tragic consequence.

“Old Salt” You say, “we look past her transgressions.” Do you use we because you have

multiple personalities or are you copying Queen Victoria? Or are you Frenchman that can’t

spell well and you are saying yes to everything?

“Mitch C” Capps was too busy getting a face lift so she would look good for her reelection

bid(her skin is so tight now it would make a snare drum jealous). So don’t look for her help.

She has now reached the inflection point in politics where winning your seat is more

importance than her constituents.

All–that generous, full figured, crying out for Jenny Craig, stuffed with a feminine hygiene

product butt is not Caren Ray’s. To get to the bottom of the mystery(and yes, pun intended) I had Youtube scan the film with their face recognition software and it turns out that it is

actually Jimmy Hoffa.

“obispan” That TT filter is complex alright. Congrats TT, any selection algorithm that places a goat story on the front page should be the envy of every organization. You guys are all about hard news. And to top it off, the goats like the taste of your paper and its great for lining birdcages.


Drugs and alcohol will take you places you never dreamed you would go….


It is obvious to me why anything negative about any liberal is not covered by the Trib.


To be fair, The Tribune’s filter of what not too report is complex. Is Kelly Gearhart a liberal?

maybe not

Clearly not, since their report came out the cay after the CCN “Exclusive.” Guess you didn’t see it.


I’m talking about the last 7 years of The Tribune ignoring well-founded allegations, as did the D.A.’s office, not a few hours delay on reporting the recent federal indictment. No local investigation or charges to report! Just internet gossip. The Trib has always been, and remains, useless.


obispan the Fibune is not entirely useless, it works great in our fireplace coupled with a bit of kindling!


Is that why you buy it? Fire-starting chips are cheaper and more environmentally friendly even before you factor in the carbon waste of The Tribune employees.


I print out the Factcutter News and find it burns so much better than the Tribune, all those angry little words make pretty sparks as well.

Ben Daho

What a bunch of Right wing B.S. If Caren Raye had done that, I would have laughed. But, i watched it 3 times and saved the screenshot. It’s NOT Caren. She was the one in the circle. Who circles someone, Shows someone else doing something and then tries to put them together? You can’t be held liable because your’re a regular person and someone ELSE did something immature and funny. I’d have asked the one out because of she’ll show cooch, she’ll certainly misbehave properly in private.


It is the old guilt by association angle. She keeps very poor company


Interesting theory but the complaint says the vehicles are owned by Valley Farm Supply so unlike someone putting a sign or sticker on their own car, that is a donation. To purchase brand new trucks and Mercedes vans for campaign use as advertising and not reporting it is illegal. It is pretty darn easy to check ownership from a license or VIN so I’m guessing under the smoke there is fire. No point in filing this unless someone has done some homework. We shall see


You said “No point in filing this unless someone has done some homework”, why is this??? Because we all know all the lawsuits filed are only done after extensive homework? Yeah that’s right, especially here in California, I’ve never seen a frivolous lawsuit or one done for no reason but publicity.


This is not a lawsuit, it’s a complaint. I suggested that there was no point because it is so easy to check. Also the FPPC, is set up to respond very quickly to these things because of the time sensitive nature unlike a lawsuit which can long for years without resolution.


Haven’t there been complaints that the FPPC didn’t respond to until after the election?, doesn’t seem that was in a timely manner


Pismo – there is a difference. As a candidate you can utilize your personal property. When using a business asset, in this case a corporation which is an independent entity, both monetary and in kind donations are required to be reported. The rules are very clear even to the point that if the business does not make a statement of value, the candidate must estimate and the request a statement for an amended filing.

You are right that there is no specific reg about signs, at least that I could find late last night when you asked me to research this stuff. But we are not talking about signs. The campaign seems to have reported the sign component of this. It is the vehicle that is in question that is used by the campaign for campaign advertising gong back into last year.

Come on, VIN numbers are on every car and trailer. Most people know cars have them right in the window.

I’m not sure about that owner notification stuff or DMV. I do know any lawyer can dig that stuff up quickly because they deal with people hiding assets all the time. Anyone in the auto insurance biz can look it up I would guess. I’m pretty sure if you have a credit card and 30 minutes, the Internet will provide you with the info too. No doubt the Newtimes checked it out before they printed, that would be typical.

Thank you for encouraging my research, I am now far more informed indeed.


It doesn’t matter.

We are too partisan to give a shit — Lois champions our causes, we look past her transgressions. We do the same for Bruce Gibson and Adam Hill. Politics is like that.

Old Salt

we look past her transgressions. We do the same for Bruce Gibson and Adam Hill.

And “The Obama.”

Politics is like that.


Who is this “we”?

Mitch C

I have contacted Capps office three times requesting that she use her office to help release the Marine held in a Mexican jail (if you don’t know the story it revolved around a marine who accidently entered Mexico with rifles in his truck and was arrested). Capps has not corresponded with me even though I asked for a reply to my emails to her.

I ask you all to beseach Capps to become involved to bring our Marine home. Maybe thousands of requests will get her off her lazy butt and do some good for once. Thank you for you help.

Mr. Holly

Capps must be tied in with the VA. As we can clearly see the status of our military and veterans has not been at the top of the list for the Obama administration. But now that it has become headlines and whistle blowers are talking Obama has now said he will punish those who have failed. So the bottom line should be that after he punishes himself the Capps should be next in line.

You have to love election time.


Only if she is ordered to do so by Obama, Pelosi, Feinstein and Boxer. She can only follow orders issued to her and then is rewarded with another grant prize for her constituents.

Where is Obama’s outrage for a pregnant Sudanese Christian woman sentenced Thursday to hang for apostasy after she gives birth to her second child, then will be beaten before the hanging. Her husband is an American citizen but I must have missed Michele’s tweet or Obama’s outrage on this one. Kerry is too busy trolling the somebody’s.

Oh no, we don’t want to upset Mexico or other foreign countries, we might have to draw a “red line”. Oh yea, that one has been used already.


Perhaps you can go on about bengazi too, because the president of a country of hundreds of millions of people needs to keep track of every American with a foreign legal problem.

Mitch C

As a matter of fact the president has a grave responsibility to keep track of service personnel. The Marine is a two tour veteran who current serves in the reserves. The president is his commander in chief. The military operates under the guidelines “no one is left behind” … another example of how weak Nobama has made our nation that he with a simple phone call he cannot have one Marine relaease from a country who citizens are illegally flooding into our country and we, as Americans, find a way to extend aid and comfort to them. So, yes, the president has every responsibility to keep track of every American … especially those who wear the uniform that gives us the freedom that we enjoy.

Mitch C

If you responded to this please, please petition Capps (google her LoisCapps web site and use the “contact” link) to use her position to assist in the release of the Marine who is being held in a Mexican jail.. Please petition her, demand that she do something. This is Memorialo Day … this two tour veteran needs our help and we need to get our government off their collective butts to get him home.

Sore Throat

Want to see a film that demonstrates another example of Lois Capps’ marginal endorsement skills that stars Caren X-Ray, has naked butt cheeks clamping an unidentified object and a gathering of the world’s oldest high school sophomores? The film is titled Crack Up. I’m not sure but this may be a Dave Congalton film.

The film opens just after Caren has excited the crowd with her message of enormous tax increases.

As the camera pans across, the freshmen and sophomores respond with excited enthusiasm. Then, because a picture is worth a thousand words, the class valedictorian steps up and makes a memorable visual comment and gives us new options to store a yoyo or a ball of yarn.

Warning, viewing may cancel the effects of Viagra. Click here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jaWNOuDuZY4

Now we know why Supervisor Adam Hill (who has the moral compass of a German panzer division rolling into Warsaw) and clueless Congresswoman Capps personally lobbied the governor to get Caren Ray appointed. They all simply lack basic critical thinking skills and a moral GPS.

I will close with a message to Caren and one to Lois.

Caren, high school is over. Declare yourself an adult, and act accordingly and get out of politics. Oh yes, one more thing, get your money back from the college you attended.

Clearly, Caren, you are the “Little Mind that Couldn’t and Shouldn’t.”

Lois, don’t just investigate your new hires. You might want to investigate the ones you’ve already retained.

Ok, ok, I’m not done. Will someone from CCN please investigate the word on the street whether Adam Hill is seeking sex reassignment surgery to become a man?

Oooops, I left out Bruce Gibson, the fourth horseman of the apocalypse. I have to ask, how do you trust a man whose hair is more precise than a lawyer drafting up his own divorce documents and whose hair spray must surely require a catalyst.


I believe Caren’s minions to have passed my house this evening following odd markings placed on the street and subsequently gathering a couple blocks away for ritual chants before taking off again. I’m not passing any judgement and the activity was in the 5th, not the 4th district.


So you saw naked runners? That is what we are looking for, right?

maybe not

Was one of them Caren? Please post the link!


No link. Just some weird runners and weird rituals. Believe me we were surprised. Initially thought is was some city Rec Dept. event. But obviously not. No Caren, and most, but not all, of the girls not as hot.


No I did not. But yes, that is what I am looking for in a supervisor, absent anything else. I’m of fan of any of them at this point in time but Mike Byrd doesn’t give me a boner.


Yes it is. But I speak for myself. Not we, but me. If I resided in the 4th and saw her running naked she’d have my vote. But that says more about me than her.


I DO NOT want to see Mike Byrd running naked. Lynn Compton, yes.

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