Partisanship is not a crime

May 20, 2014

Laura Mordaunt

Laura Mordaunt


Nonpartisan is a word that has been used as a weapon in the 4th district race. What is intended is to not predetermine the outcome before you hear all the facts. Lynn Compton is a Republican, and Caren Ray and Mike Byrd are Democrats, period.

When has it been a crime to be in a party? The crime comes when the party is not about your character and honor but about control. When your party, left or right, becomes a progressive effort to move away from what this country was founded upon and expand government, then we have a problem.

Lynn Compton is a supporter of smaller government. Caren Ray is part of the progressive left wanting bigger government. Nonpartisan should mean you shall uphold your oath to protect our country and county from foreign and domestic enemies. Right now, I am concerned with the domestic enemies of private property rights, the individual and prosperity.

Lynn Compton has signed both sides of a paycheck and knows how over-regulation and increased fees harm businesses and kill jobs. So, do not be fooled by this word nonpartisan. Instead, look at the real world experience and vote for Lynn Compton for supervisor.

Laura Mordaunt is a retired systems engineer and math teacher and is a member of the SLO County Republican Central Committee.



  1. mkaney says:

    Here’s the thing with regard to partisanship, Ms. Mordaunt… Everything that you said made a lot of sense and sounded very logical. I totally agree with a lot of things you said and would have found your argument rational if only you weren’t deceiving us. Perhaps it’s unintentional, and you’re deceiving yourself too. But either way, it’s a load of bull. The Republican party is ALSO “a progressive effort to move away from what this country was founded upon and expand government.” The only difference is what parts of government you want to expand. I’m sure you have no problem with NSA surveillance, increased military spending, increase border security, increased religious influence in the public sphere, increased corporate and agriculture welfare, need I go on?

    So this leads me to a couple possible conclusions. Either you’re totally deluded about the nature and outcome of partisanship, or you have no problem serving up a load of B.S. Either way, it does not lend credit to your words. Since I don’t live in that part of the county, you needn’t worry yourself about my opinion, but I would not vote for either of these phony people (Caren Ray OR Lynn Compton).

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  2. Slowerfaster says:

    This deserves to go to the top.

    To follow up on my comment of 5-22 12:04 am ….
    again in the fine print: ” Appearance is paid for and authorized by each candidate and ballot measure designated by an * ” ( asterisk ).

    Candidates having an * on the flyer are:
    Derek Cressman, Democrat for Secretary of State
    Betty T. Yee, Democrat for Controller
    Lynn Compton for County Supervisor, 4th District ( no party affiliation listed ).

    So, it was indeed the Compton campaign that paid for, authorized, and mailed this garbage, …partially anyway.
    More or less answers my character concerns, partially anyway.

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  3. Slowerfaster says:

    I received a ‘Dirty Tricks’ flyer in the mail… with BIG BOLD LETTERS:

    It urges votes for known Democratic candidates: Brown for Governor, Chiang for Treasurer, Harris for A.G., Yee for Controller …
    My suspicions were raised when theer was no endorsement for Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom.

    Then, the ‘poison pill’ : Lynn Compton Supervisor #4 !!!

    This, while Lynn Compton has been strutting around with trumpets blaring that SHE is an awfully proud REPUBLICAN in a non-partisan race !

    The fine print on the brochure says: NOTICE TO VOTERS, This guide was prepared by voter guide slate cards, NOT AN OFFICIAL PARTY ORGANIZATION …

    Now, I do not know who commissioned this misleading piece of political sewage, so I do not automatically condemn Compton.
    It’s bad news for whoever did pay for this.

    Whoever did …fess up and then shut up !

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    • kayaknut says:

      This happens all the time and is not limited to any one side, and will continue until we get the private money machines, and hidden money out of elections. But those currently in charge have no desire to change this.

      One main reason certain people do this is because they hope and know many voters do not read the fine print, or in some cases read at all and just vote. One recent election I went to a fellow voter had their doorknob flyer and just sat there and checked exactly what was on the flyer. Now perhaps they actually wanted to vote the way that flyer said for each race, but I tend to think it was more that they got this flyer and as with you stated that if you are this or that party you need to vote this way, and it worked so why change.

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      • Slowerfaster says:

        I don’t think that this kind of subliminal subterfuge happens ALL the time, but yes, it is not uncommon.

        Question is …. Who DOES employ these slimy tactics ? and, Shouldn’t they be revealed and condemned ?

        Kinda tells something about the character of whoever these con artists are to so blatantly go after the ‘stupid quotient’ among the electorate.

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    • johnD says:

      I have not seen that one but received on from some California Green Voters. Same stuff, democrats then Compton slipped in.
      These are seriously intentionally deceptive.

      Who paid for it? Compton is the only candidate so far who has shown the desire to go this way. Her 460 filing has listed 18 of these purchases. Our mail boxes will be getting full.

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  4. givemeabreak says:

    Seems as though the south countySLO is just as corrupt as the local government we have in Morro Bay.

    If you live in district 2 vote Muril Clift for Supervisor so we can get rid of our current ARROGANT, SELF CONSUMED,ADULTERESS PHILANDERING county supervisor BRUCE GIBSON whom currently holds and defends his title of having the little man complex. Supervisor Gibson has made the seat of Supervisor in our district a disgrace. While you are at it please vote OUT his cheerleaders in Morro Bay that are running for office which is Jamie Irons who is running for mayor and their newest puppet Matt Makowetski who is running for city council. The only votes that will be our saving grace is Muril Clift for supervisor of district 2, Carla Wixom for mayor of Morro Bay and John Headding and Nancy Johnson for council in Morro Bay. Looking forward to the next election so we in Morro Bay can rid ourselves of the 2 remaining council members. When the new sewer in Morro Bay is built and you receive your $300.00 a month sewer bills, you can thank Jamie Irons, Christine Johnson and Noah Smuckler, and potentially Matt Makowetski. They are completely out of touch with the working people. Guess I should not be surprised as NONE of them have a job and are CLEARLY out of touch with the working people. (At east the current elected in Morro Bay) We have a trust fund baby Smuckler who claims to be a landscaper. Property Manager Irons. (He is busy handling his $7,000,000 worth of assets, and then we have dear Christine Johnson who calls herself a ….now get this…this is her quote “a Trailing Spouse” Unquote..what that means is I do not have to work because Mayor Irons of Morro Bay’s wife Monica Irons who just happens to be the HR Director for the city of SLO hired her husband (Lee Johnson) for the position of SLO’s Economic Community Director, when allegedly there were so many more qualified applicants. (Conflict of interest CLEARLY having Christine Johnson on our city council) Mind you in the last election Christine Johnson, Jamie Irons, and Noah Smuckler all ran as a bloc. Can you say a huge amount of NEPOTISM? No wonder why Christine Johnson has never cast one vote in opposition to Irons. She needs to maintain her employment status and position of what she calls a “Trailing Spouse” . What a dirty trail it is.Wish we had someone with the integrity of Lynn Compton running for supervisor in District 2. Unfortunately we are STUCK with a worm like Gibson and his mindless followers. Vote for Muril Clift for a CHANGE for the better!

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  5. Jorge Estrada says:

    I tend to agree with Laura because of her rational measure of right and wrong.

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  6. pasovino says:

    Just sounds like more hippocritical partisan drivel Ms. Mordaunt?

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  7. achillesheal says:

    Both the words Democrat and Republican are offensive to me. They are the same side of a single coin, especially on the Federal level. Republicans talk the talk but don’t walk the walk and the more people Democrats get on the dole, the more secure their power.

    Don’t vote for the D or the R, it’s how we end up with a speaker like John Boerner. Vote only for a worthy person of integrity and character who will rise above partisan politics and represent you. That’s what I do, and i guess that’s why I haven’t voted in 25 years!

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    • maybe not says:

      “…and i guess that’s why I haven’t voted in 25 years!”

      Keep up the good work, Citizen.

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      • Slowerfaster says:

        HEY, don’t encourage him/her !

        They always vote for the winner by forfeit.

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