Nipomo man arrested for raping a 5-year-old

June 11, 2014
Adam Lieja Aguirre

Adam Lieja Aguirre

San Luis Obispo County Sheriff deputies arrested a Nipomo man Tuesday for sexually assaulting a 5-year-old child at an unlicensed daycare facility run by the suspect’s wife.

After receiving information that Adam Lieja Aguirre, 66, had been sexually assaulting the 5-year-old child for about a year, deputies served an arrest warrant at the residence and daycare facility on the 100 block of Teft Street. Aguire’s wife, who is not believed to have participated in the assaults, provided daycare services for five to six children.

Deputies booked Aguirre into the San Luis Obispo County Jail on suspicion of one felony count of sexual intercourse with a minor under 10-years-old and one count of oral copulation. His bail has been set at $100,000.

Investigators are asking for the public’s help to identify any other potential victims in this case by contacting the sheriff’s 0ffice at (805) 781-4500.


What kind of man would have sexual intercourse with a 5 year old? And he says he’s retired, but someone who knows him says he hasn’t worked for about 12 years. Obviously, that’s why the wife had to babysit, and she did it illegally. We have an undergroup of people who don’t follow the law and prey on decent people trying to work.

I hope that the guy is innocent; I would feel better about society in general if the charges are false….


When the fetus forms (and the timing is debatable when) a soul enters that body. In cases like this, the darkest of souls enters. Their mission is to attack light and snuff out innocence. Without doubt, this act has occurred many times-by this person alone.

Look closer at the picture of this man: the dead eyes, the face void of expression. The darkness is pervasive. This small child is now damaged in ways that will take a league of therapists and ultra-support of family just to keep her sanity. Her parents and siblings will be in agony also. She may survive this, or, her light may be well-snuffed forever.

Lethal injection if guilty. Remove this thing from our planet.


arrest the wife and throw her in jail too. 5 to 6 children and one (that we know of) is being molested for a year. Willful ignorance at best but likely aiding and abetting the beast.


I pray the Aryans get a hold of this freak in prison.


Mr. Aguirre, your abuse has cast a dark shadow the length of a lifetime for this child (children).

May the remainder of your lifetime be filled with the living hell you deserve.


This monster had been assaulting this innocent child for a YEAR. Can not believe that this Child”s family did not see any signs. It is just heart breaking. This predator does deserve a death sentence. Hope the child gets all the help she needs.


Nothing says it was a girl.



Theo P. Neustic

Merely being able to spawn and produce an offspring doesn’t make one a parent.


Horrible. Destroy this monster.


Sadly, if they’ve found one victim others will probably come forward.

1) Fair trial and conviction

2) Death penalty

Oh, I know…that won’t happen.

So how about a life sentence served in general population like BTDT mentioned. Any monster who preys on children does not deserve to live. Period.

Best wishes to the little girl and her family.


Of course there are some that IF this man is convicted (let him have his day in court) would want to sent him to that lets treat them with kid gloves facility A.S.H. I say if convicted put him in general prison population and send a message to all the others out there thinking about it!!!!


Actually, were he deemed to be a sexually violent predator, he would probably be sent to Coalinga after he served CDCR time.


Hey I say dump him in San Quentin, Folsom, Cochran, someplace where you have TRUE felons and see what they think of this guy and his deeds.


You forgot Pelican Bay.


Funny you mentioned Mary. I actually was going to put that first and changed my mind. From what I have read Pelican is a maximum security lock down 23 out of 24 hours, so yes hard time but also leaves him protected, so same as throwing in A.S.H. in my opinion. I say put him among his peers on a daily basis, where he can live in fear every day looking over his shoulder. Probably the same fear this five year old had every time they saw him and will have for YEARS to come. Fair is fair right?