Supervisors to hold vote on water district bill amendments

June 12, 2014
Bruce Gibson

Bruce Gibson


The San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors will vote on proposed amendments to a bill creating a North County water district, despite attempts by board chairman Bruce Gibson to bypass a vote.

In a June 4 letter to Gibson, Assemblyman Katcho Achadjian, the sponsor of the bill, requested that the board discuss draft amendments to the bill and hold public comment on them at its June 17 meeting. Proposed amendments included allowing registered voters in the district who are not landowners to run for three at large seats on the district board.

Gibson responded with a letter saying the board supported the amendments to the bill because the creation of a water district falls within the county’s legislative platform.

At the beginning of a budget meeting Wednesday morning, Supervisor Debbie Arnold took issue with Gibson’s letter and made a motion to place a hearing on the bill amendments on the board’s June 17 agenda.

“I believe that your letter misleads the legislators in Sacramento insinuating that public input received by our board on this bill supported the legislation when in fact the majority did not,” Arnold said to Gibson Wednesday.

The board debated Arnold’s request for nearly 40 minutes. Both Gibson and Supervisor Adam Hill argued against placing a hearing on the bill amendments on the board agenda, but ultimately voted to do so.

The board voted 5-0 to hold the hearing next week.

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I would think the south bound end of a north bound horse would look much better than that mug thats there now.

Why does Gibson look like a “chester”? That smirk on his face is creepy.

I’ve never seen you, yet you still impress me as ‘creepy’.

I thought you said “cheater” and I was going to say, because he is one, then I saw you said “chester”, then again I suppose my response can still apply.

Why do we need another non-elected government entity to screw us! The APCD is a perfect example. Not elected, funded by fines THEY levy(ask CAL Poly about their $13,500 bill from APCD for a SINGLE tractor), and a director who gets over $200k a year to tell us that there will be dust blowing on windy days. IWMB with idiot CSD directors voting to ban plastic bags because it makes them feel all warm and fuzzy. I am tired of this crap.

Lets have a clear understanding of who stands with Herr Gibson??

Let me guess: Herr Hill and Frau Candy Cane?

Yes but poor Debbie only has that pathetic Mechem as her only supporter. Debbie has finally taken a strong position in opposition to the petty little tyrants Hill and Adams. It is commonly understood that those 2 deviants have piled verbal abuse upon verbal abuse on Debbie over the past year. They will not stand toe to toe with men as they are the gutless cowards that most petty tyrants are, but they can certainly team up to assail Ms Arnold. I hope that this is an indication that Ms Arnold is fed up. There are countless men and women in the county that will stand behind her, regardless of the results in the 2nd district. Those aware of the politics of the county will be active and will be active in opposition to Hill and Gibson.

Let us hope Ms. Arnold will have additional help come November and Ms. Compton replaces the appointed one. November can not come soon enough.

What’s this Herr and Frau? Are you insinuating with this cheap shot that Germans are somehow the bad guys in this soap opera?

Yes, let’s not besmirch the Germans by comparing them to Hill and Ray.

I am curious — what makes you imply that Caren Ray agrees with Gibson and Hill on THIS issue? I thought that she disagreed with them about it from the previous article on that subject here.

Both Debbie Arnold and Caren Ray were left out of Gibson’s backdoor agreement to send to Katcho.

I don’t know if Adam Hill was consulted, but Frank Mecham was definitely part of the Good Ole Boy consultation.