Brown nominates Stanford Law school professor to California Supreme Court

July 22, 2014
Mariano-Florentino Cuellar

Mariano-Florentino Cuellar

Gov. Jerry Brown nominated Stanford University law professor Mariano-Florentino Cuellar on Tuesday to fill a vacancy on the California Supreme Court. [Mercury News]

Cuellar, known as “Tino,” is in line to replace Justice Marvin Baxter, who recently announced that he would retire at the end of the year. A three-member commission that includes Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye and Attorney General Kamala Harris need to confirm Cueller.

By nominating Cullar now, he can then be placed on the November ballot for voter approval for a full-year term.

“Tino Cuellar is a renowned scholar,” the governor said in a statement. “His vast knowledge and even temperament will, without question, add further luster to our highest court.”

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“Cuéllar was a member of the Obama-Biden Transition Project from 2008,[4] where he co-directed the working group on immigration, borders and refugee policy.

From early 2009 to the summer of 2010, Cuéllar took leave from Stanford Law School and served as a Special Assistant to the President for Justice and Regulatory Policy at the White House Domestic Policy Council.[5] While at the White House, he led the Domestic Policy Council’s work on public health and safety, regulatory reform, civil rights, immigration, and rural and agricultural policy.”– from Wikipedia

I rest my case: conservatives are idiots.

Worse than that, they are dangerous morons with violent tendencies.

They ‘lean’ to the authoritarian, fascist side of things. The kind that hate everyone that is not them.

I don’t like them. They can’t get along with anyone. I think this kind is better swimming in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, fending for themselves with the sharks in Randian panglossia.

Wow, lotta “greatest commandment” in your message. Why go through life hosting half of your neighbors? Political diversity should be embraced, that way all ideas can be entertained.

Slowerfaster. Think about it. If you substituted other groups of people (Asians, Blacks, Immigrants, Muslims, etc.) for “conservatives” in your statement, then you have just personally demonstrated the non-thinking of a bigot/racist who attributes everyone in a group with stereotypical characteristics, real or imagined.

OK …that’s a respectful way to put it ( though I think the comparison is not the same ).

Fact is, I have thought about it for quite some time. I used to consider most ‘conservatives’ as being misguided and doctrinaire. Many were not exactly broad minded in their philosophy in my estimation, but still had a capacity for fairness. I’ve voted for ‘conservatives’ such as John Anderson, Lee Dreyfus, Chuck Percy, Bob Dole, and John McCain ( before he became a grumpy old fool ) in the past.

But those people are gone from the political and cultural landscape…replaced by nihilistic vandals and Old South plantationists that want to roll back the clock to before the Civil War.

Today’s ‘conservatives’ reflect the attitudes and narrow mindedness of the John Birch Society and the Klan. Their actual representatives are ignorant blowhards like Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, Allen West, Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, Michele Bachmann, Scott Walker; along with economic royalists such as Ted Cruz, Paul Ryan, the Koch Brothers.

The agenda of these and their fellow travelers is one of exclusion and domination, and their stated aims are to destroy every advancement for a more just and equitable society enacted over the last 100+ years: Social Security, Medicare, voting rights and other civil rights protection, reproductive rights for women…including now even seeking to deny birth control.

For this strain that are absolutist and extremist, they just never give up. They operate as an organized pack of rabid dogs.

There are few alternatives for what to do with people like this.

If this is a stereotype, it is a stereotype for a reason.

PS: I am not the only one to determine this conclusion….

Write Charles P. Pierce is also the author of “Idiot America: How Stupidity Became a Virtue in the Land of the Free”.

Groups of people who choose to be morons are morons. Those who simply are what

they are are, sadly, victims of simple-minded, self-appointed, wing-nuts.

Excuse me, but wasn’t it a LIBERAL, trying to protect the President from non-violent protestors, WHO PEPPER SPRAYED them? Talk about violent tendencies!

Please get your facts right.

Today’s “conservatives” are the opposite of conservative. They are radicals….. and dumb

ones at that.

Wow, that is some endorsement! Didn’t Governor Brown appoint sex wielding hashish member Caren Ray to the SLO County Board of Supervisor. Wow, now that is some endorsement.

“sex wielding hashish member?” Wow, you have some real Freudian hangups. There are legitimate reasons to criticize Ray (and Brown.) Why do you lower yourself into the gutter with this nonsense?

Are you referencing to Gov Brown’s appointment of Caren Raym as our County Supervisor, the hash runner, aka Cop-U-Later, His choices are priceless!

“sex-wielding hashish”. Wow. Sounds good to me.

California will continue to lean left, until it falls in complete failure.

“falls in complete failure”. Brilliant. Why do you not get your sorry ass out of here?

To ironyman…the ‘conservatives’ have too much fun complaining.

They are not “conservative”. They are insane.

Studs Terkel ( in more courteous times ) said that they suffered from a case of ‘collective Alzheimer’s’.

It’s advanced way beyond that now, and I agree…. it’s a form of group madness that has been CULTivated among millions into a systematic belief of demonstrable lies and a profound revulsion of knowledge.

Why the very word ‘conservative’ has not become synonymous with ‘deluded’, ‘crazy’, or similarly negative is symptomatic of just how bizarro and wacky this nation of 315 million boneheads is.

Oh FUD ! just look at the map, the whole west coast leans to the left all the way to siberia, we have here is a failure of geography

California will continue to lean left, until it falls in to the Pacific Ocean pacifists!

More brilliant retorts.

“What else could you possibly expect, the illegals need one of their own to look out for them. ”

Yeah, and people that use that word indiscriminately are most likely latter-day Confederates.

Perhaps they belong in a state not having an hispanic title ? lol

SF… I am just getting tired of the double standard you leftist prophesize. Russians invade Ukraine and everyone calls it immoral, Israel and Palestine bomb each other over territory and everyone calls it immoral, Syria, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, all fighting invasions, takeovers and ethnic attacks and yet our borders are under attack by illegals afflicted with diseases, gang affiliations, poverty and you a$$ho### says it is the moral thing to let them just walk in and take, take, and take because it gives them a better life. Hell, my life and that of my kids and grandkids is not getting better for this invasion. We have gangs, drugs, child trafficking, diseases, and taxes going up faster than you say “but”…

I say create a special tax for the do gooders and you pay for their food, housing, clothing, health and education. I can hardly take care of my own.

Off topic, way off. Also “and you a$$ho### ”


? or !

Sorry :-)

No, you are not sorry. You never will be. You don’t know how.

We got your number.

You’re ‘unreconstructed’. Kind of an 18th century throwback.

We don’t hate you, but you don’t fit. Why don’t you find a time machine to go back to your more confortable surroundings ?

What else could you possibly expect, the illegals need one of their own to look out for them. But, I am proud to see some of my tax dollars really did go to someone of substance and not just another freeloader.

It doesn’t matter in California anyway, just put up a big fence and shrubs around your house, an alarm system, buy as many illegal (oops immigrant) guns and ammo that you can and hope for the best. lol

You calling Jerry Brown illegal?….or just a homosexual???…. or maybe a CommieSymp,

or possibly a raving maniac or just a white dude or……or….or….what, exactly?

All the above will do, you covered most of his shortcomings.

you are an actual true real moron.

SLOBIRD says: “the illegals need one of their own ”

Mariano-Florentino Cuellar “After graduating from Calexico High School in California’s Imperial Valley, he received an A.B. magna cum laude from Harvard, a J.D. from Yale Law School, and a Ph.D. in political science from Stanford. He clerked for Chief Judge Mary M. Schroeder of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, and is a member of the American Law Institute and the Council on Foreign Relations.”


I also said, “I am proud to see some of my tax dollars really did go to someone of substance and not just another freeloader.” So what is your point exactly?

from the linked article: “Cuellar’s ascension to the state Supreme Court creates one of California’s pre-eminent power couples. He is married to San Jose U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh, who has developed a national reputation for her handling of high-tech cases such as the Apple v. Samsung patent feud and the Silicon Valley poaching lawsuit. They have two young children.”

this is news, actual information and why California matters in the world this guy has had unique experience as a legal student worker/scholar, watch him make us proud.

Lucy Koh, his wife, is the one who should have been nominated for the Supreme Court. She’s a US citizen born and raised here by legal immigrant parents, Harvard Law School graduate, and demonstrated judge/judicial expert in California. She’s of Korean heritage and a woman.

Are you typing while under the influence? Your statements seem to display bigoted assumptions much more directly than usual. (i.e. the implication that Cuellar is either an illegal or closely allied with them) That is one heck of an assumption (based on a hispanic surname?) unless you have evidence not shown in the article.

I don’t know if he will be a good judge or not but that would depend on philosophical viewpoints. He is unquestionably qualified in terms of his knowledge and is as much a Californian as you are (maybe more).

Cueller was an illegal immigrant from Mexico brought into the US by his parents. He became a US citizen in 1994 after he married a US citizen.

Could we expect anything less than another liberal gay judge from Jerry Brown? Too bad, Marvin Baxter was a man of integrity, courage and great learning. I am sorry to see him retire.

Ooooh scary liberal gay judge’s

Baxter earned his undergraduate degree in Economics from California State University, Fresno in 1962. In 1966, he earned a J.D. from Hastings College of Law.

Mariano-Florentino Cuellar he received an A.B. magna cum laude from Harvard, a J.D. from Yale Law School, and a Ph.D. in political science from Stanford.

he is married to the “Samsung Apple lawsuit” judge this fella be a rising star in the big leagues at justice