Grover Beach mayor running for reelection

July 8, 2014
Debbie Peterson

Debbie Peterson

Grover Beach Mayor Debbie Peterson has announced that she is running for reelection.

Peterson, a real estate broker, served four years as a Grover Beach councilwoman prior to running for mayor. She won the mayoral seat in 2012 with 75 percent of the vote.

In her first term in office, though, Peterson has faced opposition from members of her own council. The Grover Beach council voted Peterson off the San Luis Obispo County Air Pollution Control District after she called for a repeal of the APCD’s Oceano Dunes dust rule.

Peterson also sat on the South County Sanitation District board for a year and led an effort to rid waste in the agency’s budget. Changes Peterson proposed transformed the district from an agency overspending by up to $1.1 million a year to one operating at a surplus of more than $500,000, according to a press release issued by Peterson.

Peterson also called for a forensic audit of the district, but her fellow board members rejected the proposal.

It is unclear who, if anyone, will challenge Peterson for her mayoral seat. The council seats belonging to Glenn Marshall and Bill Nichols are also up for election in November.


It’s unfortunate people really don’t know how unethical, imoral, and flat out dishonest she real is, ask anyone who has ever done business with her. Can someone please ask her at her big Q and A grandstanding session next week how many of her personal homes have been forclosed, is she answers truthfully everyone would get a small glimpse of how she really does dusiness.


It’s unfortunate people who write anonymous comments can make baseless accusations without stating any supportive evidence.


It’s public record. The answer is none. Nice try, Seeker (not).


Goodbye Bill Nichol’s. You have been petty and not good for this town.

Glenn Marshall, you flop at the direction of Adam Hill. Thank you for leaving. Goodbye.

As the world turns

Why do these politicians (e.g., Peterson, Ray) look like dumb blonds?


And why do you put in print your ignorance. Oh, right. Ignorance.


Why do commentators put personal attacks in comments? Ignorance of the guidelines.

The mgt

Mike Byrd

Mayor Peterson’s astounding turnaround of South San against all odds is reason enough for her reelection. As for the streets, the city council is finally being honest with the citizens. After years of patching and resurfacing failed streets the truth is out. Many of those roads were built by the county before Grover City was incorporated and they were poured directly on the sand instead of on road base. They have to be rebuilt not just resurfaced.


I hope with all the improvements at South County Sanitation that I keep hearing about and people taking credit, that we do not find taxpayers facing a big Rate Increase !

We need to get spending under control and then use those funds for public works projects. Fix Excessive Salaries, Early Retirements, and Lucrative Benefit Packages First,

Then we will have funds to fix the roads without New additional Taxes, Fees, and Rate Increases.


Debbie I appreciate what you did with the sanitation district and getting them to get John Wallace out because of conflict of interest. Tony Ferrera would have kept the good ole boy there screws the public and the oceans if he had his way.

I don’t think you can please all the people all the time, and Grover has some major issues they need to over come. Good luck to you I look forward to hearing what you have to say in coming months.


We all need to Vote in November for candidates that will provide taxpayer relief from:

Increasing Water Rates

Increasing Sanitation Tax and Bailout and Fines

Road Taxes

Fire Tax and Bailout

Pension Spiking

Changing 75% OR More of budgets going to salaries-pensions-benefits.

What is her budget plan ?


It is good news for Grover Beach that Ms. Peterson is running again, but better news is that Bill Nichols is losing his seat, right? due to limits. It will take awhile to undo the damage to the city he has done and he still has certain people there to continue the damage.


Grover residents should be outraged over the condition of the streets as a result of years of inept management and circle jerk council. $1.2 million was spent on a small section of Grand ave to make it look pretty for tourists. Nichols and city manager Perault hired personal friend John Wallace who engineered this fiasco only of have a significant portion of it redone after it failed because of their shoddy work. Yet holes big enough to swallow a child in a stroller are everywhere and not so much as cold patch to temporarily correct the problem. Now years later your all looking at $160 per $100K of home value for God knows how long to foot the bill? Time for you folks to get our the pitch forks, screw the clams, time to fork some politician.


I’m certainly not looking through rose colored glasses, but it was my understanding that the funding for that particular project came from the federal government…


And where did that money come from??? the taxpayers. Always love it when people say “we didn’t spend any money, it was a federal (or other) grant”, what do people think, grants are free money??? Hardly, just another way to tax the people who make too much to not pay taxes and not enough to avoid taxes.