Humpback whale beaches at Montana de Oro

July 2, 2014

Gray whaleThe carcass of a 35-foot humpback whale is lying on the beach at Montan de Oro State Park. [KEYT]

The whale beached on Friday and has been lying there since. Scientists performed a necropsy and determined that the whale has been dead for days.

Its body is so decomposed that it is unclear how it died. The whale was in its teenage years at its death.

Scientists say there is nothing they can do with the humpback carcass now but leave it on the beach. The whale will become food for the birds or may wash back into the ocean.

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Are all the former LOCSD members accounted for?

And where’s Carla?

There is a time tested way to clear this whale from the beach. Watch this video to see how is was done in the past “”


Flying whale fat in flames like napalm !

Redneck surprise ! Could be KARMA !

Call Las Vegas immediately. They are always looking for whales.

Well there goes my hiking plans for this weekend… ; )

No doubt that some-way, some-how, this event will be tied back and blamed on either assault weapons, the Los Osos Sewer Project, Paso Robles Groundwater, or the Board of Supervisors.

I for one am awaiting this site’s resident religious zealot to weigh in with a half-dozen scripture quotes before I place the final blame.

I’m expecting someone to blame it on global warming or whatever they are calling it this week.

No No No…The blame goes directly to the house GOP and the WOW. I’m not sure how but someone will splain it to us shortly…

Obviously it’s George W. Bush’s fault… and if they don’t believe that anymore, just say the republicans are racist and were holding it back.

“Do not tempt the Lord, Thy GOD”.

“LO, the Wrath” …Await thy judgement…as it is RIGHTEOUS judgment.

A sparrow be worth more. Even one feather on one lowly fowl.

REPENT, lest thou fall into eternal pits of burning sulfur and damnation !

But HELL, It’s your choice !

Thar she BLOATS !

Ashes to ashes dust to dust. Plankton to whales to sea gull food. Natures cycle.