Arroyo Grande tryst a group affair

August 19, 2014
Steve Adams

Arroyo Grande City Manager Steve Adams


A late night rendezvous at Arroyo Grande City Hall involving two city officials ended abruptly when emergency workers, responding to a 911 call about a missing spouse, discovered a partially dressed couple in the darkened building.

But the sex scandal apparently goes far beyond staff using a City Hall office for late night liaisons, and includes the cost to taxpayers for the emergency response and for the pair traveling together to out of town events. Several staffers said city officials appear to have conspired to minimize the incident.

On July 3, Arroyo Grande City Manager Steve Adams and Community Development Director Teresa McClish attended the grand opening of Robert’s Restaurant, across the street from City Hall.

At about 10 p.m., McClish called her husband to say she was on her way home from work and that her cell phone was dying, according to city documents.

Teresa McClish

Community Development Director Teresa McClish

Shortly after 11 p.m., McClish’s husband called 911 to report that his wife had not arrived home. Though it had only been about an hour since McClish had called her husband, he said he was worried because she has a heart condition and he asked officers to find out if she was still at City Hall, according to city records and sources.

Police dispatchers responded by sending a car to City Hall and another to check out Ralph and Duane’s, a neighborhood bar. Officers did not find McClish at Ralph and Duanes, according to police documents.

At City Hall, police discovered McClish’s green Ford Focus parked in the front lot, with her purse and cell phone inside. The lights at City Hall appeared to be off and no one answered knocks on the door or calls to inside phone lines, police documents say.

Considering McClish’s heart condition, officers called firefighters for assistance, according to city records and sources.

At 11:36 p.m., during their search of the building, officers discovered Adams and McClish in an intimate situation, several sources said. After dressing, McClish informed her husband that she had been found.

In the past, Adams has been adamant about prohibiting romantic relationships with subordinate employees. Several years ago, he insisted on the termination of a female police officer who had a personal relationship with a lower-ranking member of the force.

Following the Adams-McClish incident, city staff said they have concerns about the handling of an investigation because of the close relationships between Mayor Tony Ferrara, city attorney Timothy Carmel, and Adams. In April, Carmel wrote a memorandum recommending the Arroyo Grande City Council approve a 10.5 percent increase in Adams’ salary — to begin on July 4.

Nevertheless, Ferrara selected Carmel to lead the investigation into Adams’ alleged affair with McClish, city sources said.

On August 12, Adams sent a memorandum to the city council asking them to approve a 3 percent increase to the $250,000 the city paid Carmel for legal services in fiscal year 2013-2014.

Calls to Adams, McClish and Ferrara were not returned. A woman who answered the phone at Carmel’s office first said, “Just a minute please…” and then returned to the phone to say Carmel would “be out of the office until September.”

When asked why the city was having Carmel investigate Adams’ alleged affair with a subordinate, Councilwoman Kristen Barneich said she would have to speak with Carmel and Adams before she could respond to the question.

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JB Bronson

SLOBIRD: Save room for a few local attorneys starting with the one at CRLA.

Kevin Rice

What a loss for Morro Bay… they had no idea this star city manager would be available when they hired a second-rate bar fighter canned by the Army. I suppose MB could pay $38,000 to change their mind.


Morro Bay may not have selected Adams for city manager but they did manage to put him on the screening committee for applicants to the job. Katy Lichtig added her two cents also.


Thank you SLO County for providing me a very easily searchable database for the definition of public services corruption. You don’t realize what a resource you are for the rest of the country!


We’ll keep ’em coming. Plenty more scumbags waiting in the wings for government jobs.


Taxpayer’s can save lots of money by loading the bus to the political Democratic Convention (I am a Democratic before everyone goes crazy) with Bruce Gibson and his taxpayer aide and fluff, Cherie Aispuro; Adam Hill and his sidekick Dee Torres, former Arroyo Grande Councilwoman Caren Ray and her boyfriend whom she appointed to the City’s architectural review committee when she was a Council member prior to being appointed Supervisor by Democratic Gov. Brown, Arroyo Grande Mayor Tony Ferrara and his best friend John Wallace the former administrator of the South San Luis Obispo County Sanitation District, Paavo Ogren former County Director of Public Works and the newly appointed Oceano Community Services District manager and his partner Maria Kelley, former vice president of the Los Osos Community Services District, and now Arroyo Grande City Manager Steve Adams and his heart stricken fluff Community Development Director Teresa McClish. and then let us not forget Gail Wilcox, County Assistant County Administrator and her mentionables Executive Director of the Deputy Deputy’s association Tony Perry, County Administrator David Edge, Jeff Hamm, etc. etc. etc. This bus is getting full so please hurry! RSVP may be required…

The wheels on the bus go round, round, round…


SLOBIRD, you missed some folks. And yes what an incestuous group they are! Mayor Jamie Irons of Morro Bay, his wife Monica Irons who is the HR Director for the City of SLO, their recent tennant Katie Lichtig (SLO City Manager), Christine Johnson (city council member of Morro Bay) whos husband ( Lee Johnson ) was given a job by Mayor Irons wife working for the city of SLO, Morro Bay’s interim city manager Ed Kreins who coincidentally worked with Monica Irons and Lichtig for the city of Beverly Hills. Think you might want to reserve a few buses!


We reserved a short bus just for you Nurse Rachet.


She’s busy visiting her aide in prison for murder!


Sorry she is a he. How politically incorrect and sexist to assume all nurses are female. Do you have a nicknames for a PA? Would love to hear them since I just past the boards.


Sorry that would be passed the boards. My phone is not on board.


My Kindle is possessed by Satan.


Yes Mary….keep reading through The useless Rag The New Times. Still love that paper, you can get endless amounts for free for your fireplace….Oh I forgot we are suppose to be scared by the Shredder man ! LMAO!!!!!


Why thank you diamond. Certainly hope it is electric. Or better yet we can both carpool. Or maybe just ride our bike!


Diamond, not thinking it is humorous to make fun of the DD. At least you are consistent. BTW am really missing your humorous videos.


And don’t forget…many years back Mayor Tony Ferrara and former sewer district administrator and engineer John Wallace worked together in L.A. And bragged about it on the sewer district website.

Oh, and termed out council member Bill Nicolls is doing an end run around term limits in Grover Beach by running his wife for council…and brags about it in the press.

And then there’s John Shoals, former Grover mayor who liked the ladies in city hall so much that one of them finally quit. Shortly thereafter the city manager unfortunate enough to be in place during the unwanted mayoral harrassments was fired by….Shoals and cronies.


Very important stuff this. Quite investigative. Hang on to your hats. Such a deal.


Questions to ask here is when will Adams be placed on administration leave, will the city

find a replacement to conduct “a neutral investigation” excluding the City Attorney, Tim

Carmel, and why did it take over a month for this unprofessional and misconduct behavior to come out?

It will be interesting to watch how the City of Arroyo Grande handles this. It’s most unfortunate the city’s administration and police department has shown a “Deny everything and

make counter accusations” approach to all their bad behavior.



If history is any indicator, he’ll be promoted!

Kevin Rice

Or… she will.


Probably both.


I wonder when the citizens of Arroyo Grande will be informed of Adams

being placed on leave? If memory serves me correctly, wasn’t all the

officers that filed lawsuits against the city and Annibali placed on leave

while an investigation was being conducted on them AND Adams supported these investigations and admin leave.

So why is Adams being treated differently? Oh wait! He’s the city manager and head of AG corruption. Probably just counting the days until this

too is “swept under the carpet (managers couch)” and onto business as



I’d like to weigh in on this. It’s karma. The city manager helps celebrate the opening of Robert’s restaurant as the owner Robert Clouston prepares for his jail sentence (stole property from a 99 year old woman in Templeton), then gets caught in his own bad behavior by the AG police and fire department.


I also do not understand why the cops went to Ralph and Duane;s, is this one of the other spots the two hang out at?

Kevin Rice

Likely, upon request of the husband looking for her.


Everybody goes to Ralph and Duane’s, or to Bill’s Place, two legendary watering holes. SLO has NONE, not for many a year. SLO used to have more than half a dozen places with the same history and character. Now ALL the bars are owned by the same reprobate scumbag group.


It has long been thought that Steve and Teresa were having an affair. I remember Ira Hughes saying something to that effect years ago.

When is Arroyo Grande going to wake up and get rid of the cronies?

Steve Adams is having an affair and kisses Tony Ferrera’s ass in order to keep his job.

Tony just applies pressure to everyone on the council to get things his way.

Teresa is having an affair and kissing God knows what, and if she keeps Steve happy she keeps her job.

We got rid of one council member because of kiddy porn, and assault and battery after having a three some.

Steve Annabaldi chief of police is accused of sexual harassment.

No wonder why government moves so slowly, they are to busy doing everything else.

When does Steve Adams get his raise? I think it is time for a new city manager, and I have thought that way for a long, long time. But I don’t see how Steve and Teresa can work together any more, one or both need to go, I prefer both.


According to my reading of the piece, Steve got his raise some time after 11pm on July 3rd…



Figure THAT into his base salary. *rim-shot*