Grover Beach Chief of Police Jim Copsey announces retirement

August 8, 2014
Jim Copsey

Jim Copsey

Jim Copsey, Grover Beach police chief since 2005 and the city’s assistant city manager since 2013, announced plans to retire in December.

The announcement came in a Tuesday email from Copsey to City Manager Robert Perrault. Copsey also sent emails to several department heads.

“I wanted to let everybody know that I have decided to retire,” Copsey wrote in his email. “My exact date has not been determined, but most likely Dec. 26. It has been a great pleasure working with all of you and with this community.”

In Oct., the Grover Beach City Council voted unanimously to make Copsey the assistant city manager and chief of police concurrently. The additional position pays $13,230 a year which increased Copsey’s base salary to $144,192.

The increase in pay during his last year in office is slated to boost his retirement pay.

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This is all past history. New salary discussions should begin with a 5% cut across the board. Private industry took massive hits after the last financial meltdown that put us in this world of hurt. Public administrators never felt the pain. It’s time to step down their compensation until they are back in line with reality.

And the raping of the taxpayers goes on. These ridiculous pensions are negotiated by other government employees who also get fat pensions on the backs of the naïve taxpayers. Although Chief Copsey is a nice competent person there is no justification for such a high retirement at such an early age. I am almost out of this poorly run state and can’t wait to leave. BTW when I leave I leave my share of unfunded pension behind!

Good Luck to you in retirement.

Jim Copsey has not been in the news like Steve Annabaldi AG’s chief who is accused of sexual harassment, or Lisa Solomon out of Slo, or most police chiefs in the area. Jim seems to go to work, keep the moral of his officer up and gets the job done.

The council then asked him to take on even more duties, which he again did with no complaints from the public that I heard.

He did his job, he had a retirement package,he did his time and he is now retiring..He put his life on the line protecting the citizens of Grover Beach, a job I don’t think most people would do.

I am so tired of people bitchin and complaining about the retirement of other people. If you want the retirement package Mr. Copsey has, then do the same job he did and move up thru the ranks.At any time the city could have let him go, and he might not find another job for some time, and it might not have the same retirement benefits.

Police don’t have a lot of transferable skills to just go out and find another job, like so many others. His job was not tenured like teachers, or professors, he had to perform to keep it. With the gangs in Grover and Oceano, I think he has done a good job keeping your city safe.

Grover better hope the next chief can do the job this one did, or you could easily see more violent crimes, more gang activity and over all quality of life go down.

This man did a job because he likes giving to the community. Once most police retire they do other activities in the community for the betterment of the community. Can most of you bitchn about his retirement say the same thing?

Again best of luck in the last part of your life Mr. Copsey, I for one appreciate you kept your nose clean and to the grind stone. Thanks for your years of service, stay safe.

A retirement package that breaks the backs of the taxpayers is wrong no matter how hard the one receiving it did their job. Until public servant pensions change and support themselves those of us being crushed by them will continue to use our right to express how wrong they are. Plus add the tricks used to spike ones pension makes another reason these golden parachutes need serious overhaul. IMHO an upstanding person would not spike their pension.

Jim App, Paso City Manager, just hit a home run too with the idiot member of the City Council. He has a $5,000 annual car allowance and talked the City Council into letting him add that to his salary because he said it didn’t matter because IRS taxes it all the same. The idiots fell for it and now when he retires he will have an additional $5,000 to base his retirement on. AND THEN, the next manager will get a salary more than what the current manager gets plus the car allowance. You all just keep voting for all these tax increases so the public employees can continue to retire with these creative great pensions. We are actually the idiots I guess!

Yep. Puppetmaster App strikes again.

Kudos to Mayor Picanco for dissenting. I don’t always agree with him but in this case at least he was the one guy to stand up to “Phat Bald Guy” App. (HIS words–not mine!)

I’ve never heard of a city having one person be both a police chief and asst city mgr. Is that common? Couldn’t there be a potential conflict of interest?

this is how small government is small- Mayberry RFD

early in episode a traveler gets pulled over by andy and given citation with fine .later paying the fine over the counter at city hall hands the check to andy !

a N carolina S carolina fable

Cha-ching goes the the PENSION SPIKER!!!!

Badge heavy. Glad to see him go.

How many potholes could that retirement account fill?

How many potholes could your retirement account fill?

Should have seen this coming. Same old game in the public sector, bump your salary, in this case what was it the so called asst. city manage salary, then retire with a larger pension. Nothing has changed, and then the government wants more money, taxes, fees, for everything any surprise.

Dont’t forget to vote for the tax increases and bond measure so that those that follow Copsey will be able to get their raise for those higher retirement plans.