Marijuana delivery services to remain in Paso Robles

August 6, 2014

medical marijuan rxThe Paso Robles City Council has opted to let medical marijuana dispensaries to continue operating within the city.

Last month, the council deadlocked 2-2 on a vote to ban marijuana delivery services. Councilman John Hamon was absent from the meeting.

On Tuesday night, the entire council took part in a hearing on mobile dispensaries, but it did not take a new vote on the proposed ban. The council instead opted to vote to receive and file a staff report on the issue.

In addition to proposing the ban, city staff also offered the council the option of issuing a business license to a mobile dispensary that applied for one earlier this summer. The council declined to do so.

The council previously banned brick and mortar marijuana dispensaries in the city, but the ordinance did not included mobile ones. The dispensaries that deliver to Paso Robles residents will continue to do so without being subject to city regulation.


Far out, man.


Who are you referring to?


Ed Steinbeck was the deciding vote and he is not running. I was referring to the two close minded councilmen who voted against it.


Ahhh…I get it. Thank you for the clarification. I agree that the two who voted against it are cowards, or idiots!


If Picanco and Hamon are not reelected and two new city council members are voted in, it should be three but Steve Martin gets to appoint someone to fill his own vacant seat.

Then you will have a real shot at getting rid of App. Why isn’t that third seat going to whoever gets the third most votes anyway? Let’s see, Steve Gregory, Jim Reed or Pam Avila? All three would be better than Picanco or Hamon!


They are so worried about cannabis, people should be worried about what they are drinking with their orange juice at the meetings.

City council member Martin says “marijuana is still illegal with the Feds”. Why is he so concerned about being on the up and up. Atascadero should have the balls to have the state investigate him for mishandling state grant funds. Martini lunches with the mayor, vacations, fishing trips etc. not to mention stolen equipment.


This is what happens when you have five candidates running for two empty city council seats. They are afraid to take a stand that might lose them votes. I say throw out all the incumbents and get some leadership in there!

Jorge Estrada

Paso, Pizza, Pot and ?. Now say it real fast 3 times. Yes, now you sound just like those that get pulled over by the cops in Colorado.

On a serious note,,,, a good thing for those that really have a medical need for this service.

Kevin Rice



Cowards because they didn’t ban the delivery services or because they don’t have the balls to issue a business license.