San Luis Obispo Mayor Erica Stewart announces run for reelection

April 30, 2024

Mayor Erica Stewart


San Luis Obispo Mayor Erica Stewart has announced she is running for reelection. The incumbent mayor will officially launch her campaign with an event in late May on the City Hall steps.

Stewart has served as mayor since 2021, when she was appointed to the seat to replace Heidi Harmon who stepped down. In 2022, Stewart won the San Luis Obispo mayoral election.

A graduate of Cal Poly, Stewart teaches public speaking in the university’s College of Liberal Arts. She also co-owns Albert’s Florist. 

“Her tenure as mayor has been marked by her unwavering dedication to inclusivity and collaboration,” Stewart’s campaign stated. “Erica A. Stewart has consistently proven her ability to unite diverse groups and foster dialogue for the betterment of all San Luis Obispo residents. Her campaign looks forward to building on these achievements to ensure a thriving, inclusive, and sustainable future for all in the city.”


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Do cities the size of SLO and smaller really need a separate mayor? why not just have districts that each elect their own council member, and these members then rotate a chair and vice chair to run council meetings. It seems the whole mayor position is just a hold over from times past and has run its course and we need to move on from it.

Nice to have local leaders that we don’t have to worry about shooting puppies in the face.

Another reason why I am glad I moved over the grade.

There is a very good chance that she will be elected again.She’s Cal Poly employee and with a couple of meet and greet style of meetings held Cal Poly by their student government,like it was done in the past for council member Shoreman”meet your city council member” promises all around to the students and a vote for me push.

The problem with this situation that bothers me is they have the Cal Poly way of thinking,instead of tightening their belts when money is in short supply because of bloated wages,they raise fees on their captive audience,the students.And as far as I can see our mayor and her council has cost the citizens of SLO more money,I guess we’re a captive audience too.

You are so right. The city owes CalPERS over $180,000,000 (one hundred eighty million dollars) with the interest accruing at over $1 million a month, for all the retired city employees and future retirees. Instead of paying down the “credit card” our city is taking on more bonded indebtedness (parking structures, police station) and continues to hire more, very expensive employees.

But at least we have the most beautiful protected/blockaded bike lanes in the county, the homeless sector continues to grow (diversity and inclusion, right?), bike thefts and other crime is rampant, and for goodness sake! Quit complaining about the $4 an hour parking rates downtown! You should know by now the city council wants you to shop elsewhere.

She was contacted as well as a number of the City Council by a friend of mine in San Luis regarding the Shopping cart theft, and condoning of shopping cart behavior in the City. They received no response, but did from Jan Marx and some from the City Council. She never responded regarding the stolen shopping cart problem, while others did, including Jan Marx.

She doesnt respond to residents upset about bad homeless behavior being condoned. Her platform is: thriving, sustaining, and inclusive.” Those are her three tenets.:-How do you define “Thriving?” it’s ambiguous.

-“Sustaining” – how do you define it in a city?

-“Inclusive” – so what does that mean exactly? More people with stolen shopping carts and no answer to people who live in the city who are upset about it happening? Not sure what “inclusive” means..

Her campaign is certainly using all the woke, P.C. buzzwords. Does that make the city more cost effective and lead to department operations being improved and more effective?

Honestly? I’ve never heard of Ms. Stewart. She must be doing a great job as Mayor.

With the terrible job Hedi Harmon did, doing better than her doesn’t take much.

From a certain view point, being relatively unknown is the highest thing a politician can aspire to.