Police investigating infant deaths

August 14, 2014

death investAfter two babies died within days of each other, Bakersfield police opened an investigation. [Californian]

On Sunday, 2-month-old Sotero Isaiah Lopez of Arroyo Grande was discovered not breathing at a home on the 5400 block of Post Street in Bakersfield. At 9:20 a.m., the child was declared dead.

Four days earlier, at a home on the 13000 block of Phoenix Palm Court in Bakersfield, 3-month-old Kenneth Howell was also found not breathing. He died nine hours later at Children’s Hospital Central California in Madera.

The Kern County Coroner’s Officer preformed autopsies on both of the infants. The investigation is ongoing and the causes of deaths are pending.


That is because there isn’t a connection between the two. Additionally; the facts on Kenneth Howell’s death are untrue. Baby Kenny lost his life after a brief battle with Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy. This should be a time in which his family should be able to mourn, without reading slanderous articles regarding to their son/grandson/nephew’s death. I can’t believe the lack of professionalism in this article.

Ted Slanders

This is a terrible tragedy for sure, but as we true Christians realize in our perceived knowledge from our churches, is that our Hebrew God called these little babies home. Barring the terrible and endless grief of the family, It was more important for God to take them away, then it was for the family to see them happily grow up, loving them, and watching their development into adulthood and beyond.

Our bible supports the loss of these innocent babies as described above by stating that God, not chance, decides what happens in human affairs (Proverbs 16:33)

Behind EVERY circumstance is the Lord (Amos 3:6).

Our Hebrew God can shorten life or lengthen it (Job 1:21; Psalms 102:23).

The religious scenario proposed above, although hard to accept when using the logic and reason that our God has given us, is what keeps us Christians within the fold of our faith, praise!

Extremely Stoic

Your attempt to turn this lemon into lemonade has fallen way short, praise!


Perhaps its considered such an usual event, within such a close time frame, that perhaps there might be a pathological connection like baby food, medicine or some other pathogen or something other than foul play.


THOUSANDS die each year of SID’s.


So again you have TWO deaths. Why the sudden concern? Again what is either missing from the article that we aren’t seeing or is this just hyping to hype??

Don’t get me wrong and being callous over the death’s, far from it but why do thousands die and now the cops investigate two? What gives??


I hear ya….I was playing the devil’s advocate.


None of this makes sense. First off it is made to seem like a connection because two died. At first glance I don’t see any. Second, when a baby dies, wouldn’t you investigate to the point of at least doing an autopsy most times? I can’t see why this is being made to be something different than the everyday???