Paso Robles water bill escapes Senate

August 13, 2014

Capitol 1A bill seeking establishment of a water management district for the Paso Robles aquifer, AB 2453, easily passed the California Senate Wednesday evening on a 29-3 vote.

The measure, by Assemblyman Katcho Achadjian (R-San Luis Obispo), now goes back to the Assembly for agreement .

Earlier this week, Achadjian solicited opinions on his bill via email from members of the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors. Four of the board members expressed support, said the assemblyman, and Debbie Arnold of the Fifth District has taken a neutral position.

The district’s eventual formation will likely be decided by the Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCo) following filing of petitions by supporters.


So, where do I turn in my application to be the $250,000 /yr chief do nothing of the Paso Robles Water District board? And I want a really nice car. And a $100,000,000 budget. Imagine the fun I could have. Can I hire my girlfriend as my personal assistant?


The California Water Code specifies that directors are compensated for days the board actually meets. Typically this is about $100 per director per day. Most districts limit the number of times the board can meet to six per month. By law, these details must be disclosed to the public. Candidates for the board are required to be property owners who live in the Basin or must be registered voters who live within its boundaries. Character should count and those that choose to run should expect to be fully vetted by the property owners..

The initial annual operating budget for the district will be approximately $1,500,000. The budget will be disclosed during the LAFCo process before landowners vote to adopt the district. The district will be a public agency responsible to its constituents and they should be held accountable to manage the district in the most economical way possible.

Jorge Estrada

This is so exciting! Now all of those ferrell dwellers will have someone pay and all of there water problems will be solved.