Did slavery and pregnancy drive professor to accost teen?

August 16, 2014
Mireille Miller-Young,

Mireille Miller-Young,

Supporters of a University of California Santa Barbara associate professor of feminist studies contend her pregnancy and a legacy of slavery drove her to accost a teen and steal the young woman’s protest sign. [FOX]

On March 4, members of an anti-abortion group were passing out pamphlets and holding signs with graphic images of dead fetuses on the university campus. Professor Mireille Miller-Young, 38, began yelling for the signs to be removed, grabbed one of the signs, and then pushed and scratched a 16-year-old activist.

“I may be a thief, but you’re a terrorist,” Miller-Young said as she walked away.

Miller-Young pleaded no contest to misdemeanor counts of theft, vandalism and battery. She was set to be sentenced on Thursday, but the date was extended.

Some supporters of Miller-Young said the “cultural legacy of slavery” and even the effects of pregnancy helped explain her actions.

“If she appears smiling on camera, she is ‘wearing the mask,’ that is, she is hiding her actual state through a strategy of self-presentation that is a cultural legacy of slavery,” said Eileen Boris, Feminist Studies professor.

Miller-Young, who was three months pregnant at the time of the March protest, wrote a letter of apology for her defense attorney to present before sentencing.

“The Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust group had a perfect right to come to UC Santa Barbara to express their views about women’s reproductive rights,” Miller-Young wrote. “As much as the images they displayed were offensive and distressing to my students, and to me, I had no right to take their poster or destroy it.”


We are made wise not by the recollection of our past, but by the responsibility for our future.

The greatest day in your life and mine is when we take total responsibility for our attitudes. That’s the day we truly grow up. Ms. Miller-Young has a long way to go.

Ted Slanders

What we obviously have here is that Professor Mireille Miller-Young isn’t a true Christian. This is because if she was, she wouldn’t have taken such a harsh stance upon slavery because our Hebrew God’s inspired words condones and supports it.

Slaves are clearly property to be bought and sold like livestock (Leviticus 25:44-46)

How slaves are to be treated (Exodus 21:2-6)

It is moral to sell your own daughter as a sex slave (Exodus 21:7-11)

You can beat both male and female slaves with a rod so hard that as long as they don’t die right away you are cleared of any wrong doing (Exodus 21:20-21)

“Slaves, obey your earthly masters with deep respect and fear. Serve them sincerely as you would serve Christ.” (Ephesians 6:5)

Slavery is approved of in the New Testament (Ephesians 6:5, 1 Timothy 6:1-2)

Beating slaves who didn’t know they did any wrong (Luke 12:47-48)

There is a reason that the South is called the “Bible Belt”, and one reason is that they supported slavery at one time, just as the bible substantiates in their behalf.

Furthermore, if Professor Mireille Miller-Young was only within the fold of the Christian faith, she could have also overlooked the horrific pictures of dead fetus’ as well by the protesters since our Hebrew God sets the example in this area of killing the innocent life of the fetus and babies as well.

Our bible God slays the fruit of the womb of the women in Ephraim, which equals abortion. (Hosea 9:11-16)

Here our God commands that infants should be “dashed upon the rocks.” (Psalms 137:9)

God promises to dash to pieces the infants of Samaria and the “their women with child shall be ripped up”.  Once again our loving and forgiving God kills the unborn, including their pregnant mothers, which equals brutal abortion. (Hosea 13:16)

In a sense, with the above biblical facts, Mireille Miller-Young was calling our God a terrorist! Blasphemy!

There’re more passages to support this godly act, but you get the picture. True Christians just have to accept the inspired word of God in the bible for what it is, which is hardly anti-slavery and pro-life. This acceptance is part and parcel to our faith, of which we cannot run away from when we read ALL of the bible. Like I’ve stated before, its really hard for us true Christians to be against such entities as slavery and aborting fetus’, when in biblical fact, our bible condones and supports these acts.

This scenario gets progressively worse when some divisions of Christianity preclude that Jesus, is in fact, God incarnate. This is because where Jesus, as God, therefore performed the killing acts of innocent fetus’ and babies shown within the passages above. This is why I am not a believer in Jesus being God, but just the Son of God. This keeps Him out of the killings mentioned herein, and puts His Father only to blame for these horrific acts.

Being a TRUE Christian going into the 21st Century is really hard at times as many of my brethren in the faith can agree since the above examples are flawless words of our God. “Every word of God is flawless; he is a shield to those who take refuge in him.“ (Proverbs 30:5)


Eileen Boris, Feminist Studies professor? Oh PUKE!



Have you EVER read the KORAN…

You should use quotes from their VERSES for VIOLENCE…

It seems you like to Blaspheme the GOD of the BIBLE…imho…


Ted Slanders


How can anyone blaspheme the Hebrew God of the bible when the passages that I bring forth are God’s inspired word? Are you alluding to the possible fact that our God blasphemes Himself?

As a true Christian that reads ALL of the bible, if factual biblical concepts are disturbing to some, it’s not the Christians fault, but is God’s word that is seemingly at fault. If Christians don’t agree with what our God represents, then they’re free to leave the faith.

Relative to the Quran, I am not a Muslim, but a true Christian. Since you seem to be overly familiar with the writings of Allah, maybe you should take the helm in the same manner that I do with true Christianity, and state the Quran’s position upon the topic at hand.


This is a prime example of how a university is teaching faculty and students through their microaggression theory, and that they have rights (rights to not be offended) beyond the US Constitution and rights that trump other people’s freedoms guaranteed in the constitution.

This professor, according to the police officer’s report, truly thought that she had the right to steal the poster because it caused her distress. She also had no problem with injuring a teenage girl in the process “because she (the professor) was stronger” and then using the incident as a teachable moment for her students as they all cut up the poster.

In her police interview and despite her background in civil rights, she was seemingly unaware that the constitution guarantees freedom of speech to ALL US citizens. She stated that she had a moral duty to steal the sign because of the “hate” speech. Wow!

Intolerant of an opposing view? Violence instead of a valid argument? Waging a “war on women” who don’t agree with her? Physically abusing a child? Teaching criminality to students?

UCSB, by defending this woman, dismisses all their “values” in favor of “wealthy professor privilege”.


Good Summary


My father was in World War Two, his father was in the Great War, World War One.

I now suffer from PTSD.


HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! SLAVERY MADE HER ASSAULT A 16 YR OLD???!? Are the real idiots the ppl who purport this obvious nonsensical and transparently bullsh-t excuses , or is it collectively all of us for allowing a world where PERSONAL RESPONSIBILTY is virtually extinct, and this horsesh-t gets digested as a real ‘reason’ by some?

(If you’re real quiet, you can hear that wormy attorney who’s suing the cliffs for 22 mil, desperately trying to find this crazy’s phone number)


sloyal, very well said!


What is so ironic is that Dr King’s plea was “judge the individual based on the content of their character”. I don’t think he ever said anything about your race controlling your character.

Further irony is that the supporters of the professor, in claiming she did this because of the legacy of slavery – which means black people are incapable of conforming to lawful behavior – are being racist (she did this because she is black)

Time to grow up people. If you want to be treated like an adult, act like one. when you make a mistake, don’t make excuses, take your punishment, learn from it and move on.


Does it matter how far back you go? My ancestors were serfs back in the 1300s. Can I do and say anything I want?


WTF are “feminist studies?”


If you’re female, I assume it’s classes you can’t fail no matter what. Same as all the other minority studies. I myself have a PHD in “Middle Aged Surly White Male Studies”.

Mitch C

It is part of the “Lesbian dance theory” major. Of course after spending mega-bucks for a degree in this junk … Try getting a job


The world needs talented hostess staff.


They ger jobs…as professors.


Mitch, we are rolling in laughter! Thank you!


It sounds like a euphemism for sexism to me…


In reading the short article here and following the link and reading the story at the link, no where do I see where the professor herself attempted to make any excuses; supporters of her and fellow professors are the ones who offered those excuses. The apology by Professor Miller-Yound seemed heartfelt, but it did fall short of recognizing that she did a stupid thing, and the apology also did not mention how her students should NOT follow her example. If she were to include both additions to her apology, she would make great inroads for atoning for her actions.