California breaks out Ebola hotline

October 24, 2014

virusThe California Department of Public Health announced Wednesday that it has created an Ebola hotline and call center to ease public concern about the disease. [Mercury News]

Since an outbreak of Ebola was reported in Africa in May, there have been four confirmed cases in the U.S. and one fatality from the disease. The most recent case appeared in New York City Thursday when a doctor returning from Africa tested positive for the virus.

Doctors have not yet confirmed any cases of Ebola in California. No cases are suspected either, according to the public health department.

Nonetheless, the department has worked with state, federal and local health officials to prepare for a potential spread of the virus to California. It is now trying to answer questions that residents have about Ebola.

“Our goal is to be available to eliminate the mystery of this disease and offer the facts to Californians as the situation evolves,” state health officer Dr. Ron Chapman said.

Health care professionals and members of the public can call the new hotline at (855) 421-5921. The call center is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.