Beating described in Paso Robles murder trial

November 20, 2014
Maria Fajardo

Maria Fajardo

A hired assailant who was allegedly paid to rough up a man on behalf of a jealous lover testified Wednesday in the trial of a Paso Robles woman charged with murder. [Tribune]

Maria del Carmen Granados Fajardo, 50, is accused of paying several people a total of $12,000 to kidnap and brutally injure her ex-boyfriend, Victor Sanchez, 37. In Feb. 2013, a group of teenagers tasked with abducting Sanchez and shooting him in the kneecap ended up killing him.

Prior to the shooting, Fajardo allegedly paid assailants to beat and injure Sanchez. Stockton resident Joseph Villareal, who has already received a six-year prison sentence for his role in the attack, testified that he agreed to break Sanchez’s leg and mess up his face for $1,000.

Villareal said he was told by a messenger that the victim’s wife wanted Sanchez to sustain the injuries. Villareal did not know Sanchez, and he agreed to do so because he needed the money, Villareal testified.

In Oct. 2012, Villareal, with a group of hired assailants, attacked Sanchez with a tire iron. Villareal used the tire iron to shatter Sanchez’s car top and beat him in the arm, leg and other places on the body, he said.

The group then went to Fajardo’s home and received $6,000, of which $1,000 went to Villareal and another participant, he said.

On Tuesday, a former Paso Robles Housing Authority director testified in Fajardo’s trial and described the defendant as hurt and jealous. Amanda Corella said Fajardo was seeking a no-trespassing order against Sanchez.

Fajardo showed photos of Sanchez naked in romantic poses with other women in pursuit of the no-trespassing order. Sanchez was chasing other women when he was not with Fajardo and possibly when he was with her, too, Corella said.

Prosecutors attribute jealousy as the main motive for Fajardo hiring assailants to brutally injure Sanchez.

Fajardo’s attorney Ilan Funke Bilu said prior to the trial that entire story of the case had yet to be told and would come out during trial.


Bet she’s an atheist. If there is a God in your life, you see that you are not alone and you will no longer feel empty.


In reading about this trial, I took note of three incidental facts. Fajardo was living in the Oak Park Housing Project. She said that she her “work” consisted of making loans to people and she lived off the interest payments. She allegedly paid a total of $12,000 to these other people to hurt Sanchez.

So, here was a woman living off the taxpayers, running a possibly illegal business out of public housing (loansharking) with $12,000 on hand to pay a bunch of cretins. Paso Robles, do you ever check on the Oak Park tenants and their continued need for government low cost housing.?


I was wondering the same thing! Thanks for the post!


Furthermore, How in the world can she afford to pay Ilan Funke Bilu???


Sadly, violence has become all too persuasive as a means of problem solving. No doubt abuse, lack of family values, lack of self respect, substance abuse and the continuous exposure to violence in almost every aspect of our lives, has contributed to the degradation of our culture.


The ghettoization of the central coast! Raise you hand if you want to see the central coast turn into a ghetto.


Do we see a pattern here?