A bitter Ferrara lashes out at Hill

November 19, 2014
Mayor Tony Ferrara

Mayor Tony Ferrara


Outgoing Arroyo Grande Mayor Tony Ferrara is not going quietly into the night — he leveled a nasty and personal attack at write-in victor Jim Hill in comments to the Santa Maria Times Tuesday.

“Mr. Hill did not have the courage to face me in a head-to-head race. Instead, he hid behind an unethical and vicious write-in campaign,” Ferrara told a reporter. He then departed for a Texas conference.

Ferrara is accused by many residents of engineering a cover-up of a July 3 City Hall incident involving City Manager Steve Adams and a subordinate employee, Teresa McClish to avoid competition for the seat he has occupied for 10 years. He was running unopposed until news of the Adams affair was first reported by CalCoastNews in August.

Ferrara did not mince words when it came to describing his electoral conqueror.

“It is consistent with his established pattern of behavior,” Ferrara said of Hill. “I have served the citizens of AG for 18 years. I am very proud of our staff and the collective accomplishments of our council. It saddens me to see this happening to our community.”

Adams’ future will be discussed for the fourth time tonight in closed session at the Arroyo Grande City Council meeting at 6 p.m.

Results of an “independent” investigation into the incident will be unveiled at the meeting, also.


What ,What ..Tony your kidding right? This is why drugs are not legal in Calif.


PIG !! Tony Ferrara, YOU are the Unethical, Vicious, LYING, subject here, NOT the citizens you were suppose to represent.

Every Dirty Dog has their day…I still think there are PLENTY of surprises for our FORMER DISGRACED MAYOR Tony Ferrara, in the meanwhile I am so glad he is off the Arroyo Grande City Council…the people spoke and were heard in a strong vote.

Congrats to Jim Hill !! Hill is head and shoulders above Ferrara, starting with integrity. Now Arroyo Grande can REALLY BLOOM !


“Mr. Hill did not have the courage to face me in a head-to-head race. Instead, he hid behind an unethical and vicious write-in campaign,”

Tony, Jim would gladly have gone head to head with you, but it wasn’t until the Proctologist’s office called to say they found your head…but by then it was too late.



That was over 2 years ago, and you can see Tony Ferrara’s “non-role” in bringing about a meaningful investigation or necessary reforms. One question was answered though…. In paragraph 5, we found out the answer was “yes, changes in leadership will have a positive impact”. When Mayor Debbie Peterson started asking tough questions, the Org chart started to make sense, and Staff and Management actions started to make sense, and the plant started to avoid the deficits it endured under Wallace Group leadership.

Thank you, Debbie Peterson, for your service to Grover Beach and your coordination with Matthew Guerrero to bring some reforms to the SSLOCSD!

Unfortunately, TONIGHT Mayor Peterson had her last meeting of her present term at the SSLOCSD and Mayor-elect John Shoals (or his representative) will take Peterson’s place. I hope Shoals will recognize the positive changes which have taken place at SSLOCSD since Ferrara’s influence has been minimized and Bill Nicolls (Shoals’ former appointee to SSLOCSD) and Wallace have left. I also hope Mayor Shoals will join the SSLOCSD Board of Directors and NOT appoint someone else to do it. There is still plenty of important work to do at SSLOCSD, and John Shoals isn’t truly representing Grover Beach if he’s on the sidelines.

December 3rd: SSLOCSD will take public comment and discuss whether to provide more transparency regarding their lawsuit against the State Water Board for their findings on the December 2010 sewage spill. John Shoals, will you be there?

Mr. Holly

Will the real Tony Ferrara please step forward?

I think he just has.


What a dick!

He lost to a write in candidate..

Do you know how pissed off people have to be to 1.) find their polling place and then go there and 2.) not just fill in an oval, but actually write in somebody else’s name..

And with this nasty little outburst we see why his citizens made the effort to separate him from city hall!


His rant and then departure to Texas for a conference ahead of an important council meeting is a little like Nixon’s unraveling in front of reporters when he lost to Pat Brown in’62.

“Just think of the fun you’ll be missing; you won’t have Nixon to kick around anymore”.

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