Elephant seals nap on boardwalk in San Simeon

December 19, 2014

elephant sealSeal-watchers found two elephant seals lying on the boardwalk neighboring the mammal’s December getaway in San Simeon on Thursday morning. [KSBY]

The seals broke through the fence at the Piedras Blancas Rookery, a feat that reportedly occurs every few years. Photos and video footage appear to show the seals napping on the viewing deck.

Though the seals may appear clumsy, close contact with them is considered dangerous for humans.

Responders had to use elephant seal clearing boards and an air horn to usher them back to the beach. The task took the combined efforts of members of Cal Trans, state parks, Friends of the Elephant Seal and the Marine Mammal Center.

Elephant seals migrate to shores in the San Simeon area every year for breeding. The Piedras Blancas Rookery currently has population of more than 23,000 seals.

High tide from the recent storm has pushed seals further up the shore closer to the viewing boardwalk this year.


Maybe 230.


23,000??? That seems a bit overstated. Maybe 2,300.


I’m taking a f*****g nap and someone has to roust me with a f*****g AIR HORN to accommodate the annoying tourists in order to fill the hotels and restaurants. A German tourist got too close to one a couple years back and ended up in Sierra Vista with a nasty bite to the leg.


They were hoping for a little privacy!


best to let sleeping dogs (er…seals) lie.