McDonald’s a no-go in Los Osos

January 22, 2015

mcdonaldsThe dozens of Los Osos residents who protested the approval of a McDonald’s restaurant will not have to see one in their town after all. [Sierra2theSea]

Last April, the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors voted to let McDonald’s open with a drive-through in the former Bank of America building in Los Osos. But, a spokesperson for the project has now said that the deal did not work out due to high expenses.

The majority of the approximately 100 people who attended the final county meeting on the Los Osos McDonald’s opposed the project. Though the board approved construction of the restaurant, it placed several conditions on the fast food chain.

If the McDonald’s were to open in Los Osos, it could only operate from 5 a.m. to midnight on Monday through Thursday. It could remain open until 1 a.m. on Friday through Sunday.

Many McDonald’s restaurants operate 24 hours a day, and the project applicant requested that the Los Osos chain operate around the clock.

Opponents of the project voiced concerns over water usage, architecture, noise lighting and food quality. At a planning meeting early in the approval process, those with differing opinions on the project began cursing and yelling at each other.

A possibility remains of a new McDonald’s opening on the outskirts of San Luis Obispo near the airport. If a restaurant is built outside the city limits, it could have a drive-through.

One McDonald’s restaurant recently went out of business in San Luis Obispo, where drive-throughs are banned.

McDonald’s Corporation’s stock dropped over the second half of last year. The company finished 2014 with its worst performance in 30 years.

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Near the SLO airport? SWEET! I sure hope they do!

I never understood why there wasn’t a “family” type restaurant on the corner of Tank Farm and Broad (across from Shell & Vons) near the new SESLOC. Prime spot for a Chili’s or Applebees or whatever terrible mass-marketed, kid-friendly eatery is popular this decade.

Instead, those masses living out there will take a Mickey D’s, I’m sure, and the drive-thru would do stupidly-good business – there is a TON of traffic there. Of course, there’s a ton of traffic everywhere and much, much more to come.

Can’t wait for LA-style bumper-to-bumper daily commutes! Now *that’s* good planning.

Los Osos folks are really in denial about their town. It’s not charming, it’s scattered all over the damn place, you can’t walk two feet without sinking, there’s tweakers and little neo-nazi trash running around everywhere you look, it takes forever to make a left turn onto LOVR, and it doesn’t smell all that good. A McDonald’s would have actually added a little class to Los Osos. Signed, Ronald McDonald.

Whew! The charm of Olde Towne Los Osos dodged a bullet.

Sadly, nothing.

I still contend that if it were an In and Out franchise that wanted to open up in Los Osos it would be open by now.

Maybe, but those oversized onions can give you bad heartburn. I like the little chopped-up onions they slap on those McD’s cheeseburgers – you know, all at the far edge of the bun, with the three pickles all stacked on top of each other at the other edge – ketchup and mustard in their own little private territories, and then whatever “extras” the disgruntled, underpaid, undocumented grill-cook decides to add on his own. Signed, Colonel Sanders.