Steve Adams letters released

January 22, 2015
Arroyo Grande City Manager Steve Adams

Arroyo Grande City Manager Steve Adams

Former Arroyo Grande City Manager Steve Adams sent a letter to the city last week threatening a lawsuit if the council does not pay him six months severance. The city will meet in closed session on Thursday at 7 p.m. to discuss the threat of litigation.

Following a Sept. 17 Arroyo Grande Police Officers’ Association vote of no confidence, on Oct. 1 Adams announced his resignation as soon as a replacement was hired.

On Nov. 19, after reviewing the investigation into the alleged sex scandal., the Arroyo Grande City Council voted unanimously to place Adams on paid administrative leave where he remained until last week.

Earlier this month, the city hired interim City Manager Robert McFall. Though the city accepted Adams resignation in September, he was able draw full pay until last week when McFall was hired.

In his letter, Adams says that his resignation was to take place after a permanent and not an interim city manager was hired. He contends that he was terminated on Nov. 19 when placed on paid administrative leave.

He is demanding six months severance including benefits.

Adams is currently 54-years-old and will turn 55 in late 2015. If the council agrees to extend his paid administrative leave and he utilizes his accrued vacation and sick leave, he could greatly increase his monthly retirement package from the city.

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See, Steve Adams doesn’t determine when his replacement is fully trained. He doesn’t get to decide if an interim replacement is “good enough”. Steve Adams has been on Paid vacation since November 19th. That is over 2 months and counting.

The City should not bow to this. If Steve Adams were to sue, hire investigaors to uncover wrongdoings, misappropriated time (not working when he was supposed to be, billing inappropriately) and then countersue for overpayment and legal fees.

Steve Adams can do what “normal people” do who misbehave and get fired; go try and get unemployment. The City probably wouldn’t even fight that. He could sit on unemployment until his birthday. Welcome to reality of the 99%.