Are Paso Robles teens wholesaling pot at the park?

January 20, 2015

pot1Paso Robles police caught two juveniles with 74 grams of marijuana near a public park on Friday afternoon.

Officers arrested the two teens around 2 p.m. near Centennial Park. They seized packaging materials and digital scales in addition to the marijuana.

Complaints about teens smoking marijuana at the park prompted the search and seizure. Police say they did find juveniles smoking at the park when they arrived at the scene.

Last November, Paso Robles police announced that they would target individuals who congregate in parks to smoke marijuana. In weeks leading up to the announcement, the police department received numerous complaints about people smoking in Centennial Park.

In late October, officers conducted a sting in the park and cited five suspects for marijuana-related violations.

The juveniles arrested Friday face charges of possession of marijuana for sale. Officers released them to the custody of their parents.

Police are not releasing the identities of the suspects because they are juveniles.


I eat a hamburger with a tomato once a week.I grow my own tomato so i dont have to pay for a bag.Just sayin.At least pot suppliers don’t charge for the baggie.


How about a REAL story about drugs in Paso Robles like the drug cartels? The Panga boats found on San Simeon which are bringing tons of illegal drugs. Cartels are well and active in San Luis Obispo County and it is swept under the rug. It is a much rosier picture to have a bucolic wine French type wine country rather than the true story of the drug culture cartel underbelly active and well and in full force in every city here on the Central Coast and our law enforcement goes after minnows. Houses burned to the ground by meth labs a few years ago in Paso Robles when the illegals blew it up and they ran away free to continue their crimes elsewhere. This story is laughable.


The headline here is a bit sensationalistic. They may be selling pot but 74 grams (about 3 oz) is hardly “wholesale” quantities.


All these kids need nowadays is a letter or their 215 card and they can buy marijuana from pretty much anyone. The amounts they can possess are pretty high.

For the bargain price of about $125 bucks, everyone on Calcoastnews can be legal THC smokers by the end of the week. It simply takes a 15 minute drive and a flimsy diagnosis. And by flimsy, you say “I have _____.”


I don’t blame these enterprising young men. They need some place to set up shop and Centennial Park’s an ideal location. *sarcasm*

The city closed the pool years ago. The play structure is rotting (like the one in the downtown park). The smokers and skateboarders loiter for hours at the picnic tables.

The “no dogs allowed” rule is never enforced so the grass has lots of fresh piles of dog poop.

The city barely maintains the landscaping and the whole complex is rundown and just not a family-friendly park anymore.


Of course they are.

As long as the government regulates it and taxes the heck out of it and prosecutes those in business even legal business, the price of legal pot will remain sky high leaving a ton of room and profit for black market pot growers and sellers.

Pot is as easy to grow as any other plant. Put a seed in the ground and water it and it will grow like a weed. When a pound of pot costs as much from legal sellers as a pound of coffee you’ll no longer see black market sales. Until then, you will always have black marketers.


I think pot is illegal and unregulated in california (except for the medicinal kind).

What I don’t understand is if your argument is true and pot is so easy to grow, why don’t people who want to smoke it just grow it themselves and eliminate the middle men (seller and manufacturer) altogether. Seems like that would be the cheapest alternative.


because getting caught for cultivation can be a big deal.


Ah. let others take that risk and pay a premium for it. makes sense.


Yes, basically it is put a seed into the ground and it should grow, however, there is a bit more to it. To get premium quality, where you don’t have to smoke a ton requires a bit more knowledge. It is kind of hard to grow when you live in an apartment or condo with no yard though. Many people just don’t want the hassle. You do have to ask yourself why do people buy vegetables in the store when they can grow them so easily. Same deal here.