Possibly suicidal man hit by train in Santa Barbara

February 16, 2015

tracksA Santa Barbara man suffered a non-fatal blow from an Amtrak train in Santa Barbara on Sunday afternoon in an incident that authorities are investigating as a possible attempted suicide.

Witnesses said that the man was standing on the railroad tracks near the Santa Barbara Amtrak station and waving his arms up and down. He jumped out of the way of the train at the last second but suffered head injuries in the collision.

While receiving treatment, the victim alluded to having desire to commit suicide. Responders then transported him to a local hospital.

On Friday, a freight train struck and killed a woman in Goleta in an apparent accident. Earlier this month, another fatal accident occurred in which an Amtrak train hit and killed a woman in San Luis Obispo.

Kevin Rice

Perhaps this was Dick Slanders taking my advice to test out how quiet trains approach?


Ted knows about trains. Spent years professionally working with them .

You, Kevin, know about trains like you do…well, everything else. Which is not much.

Oh, you talk a lot…but it’s fluff…airhead philosophy, borrowed redstate/nutdaily/fauxnews platitudes off cribsheets. Do you ever have an original idea? Can you ?

Kevin Rice

Bull. Dick is ignorant.

Ted Slanders

Kevin Rice,

First thing, I need to “school” you once again in that the trains in these incidents were NOT QUIET, the one at the Santa Barbara Depot, and the one in Goleta, were once again on straight rail, and where the engineer saw them ahead by a great distance relative to his trains speed. In doing so, the engineer was blowing his horn and using his bell consistently in an emergency situation as required by train operating rules, and logic, to try and make the persons in question aware of the approaching train! To your ignorant dismay again, these situations ARE NOT QUIET FOR THE SAKE OF THE SAFETY OF THE PERSONS INVOLVED, DO YOU UNDERSTAND?!

By you bringing up your past ignorance in the “Train strikes San Luis Obispo Woman” story, it seems that you’re still reeling from me pointing out your ignorance in that story as well. I can understand that you were embarrassed and because of this factoid, you now have to lash out in vain to me in this current story because seemingly your wounds have not healed as yet. I am truly sorry.

Kevin, as Clint Eastwood said in the movie Dirty Harry; “ A man has got to know his limitations,” therefore, you should take heed of this very revealing statement for your own good, and start accepting your limitations upon certain topics as well.

Kevin, if I can be FRANK, and you still can be Kevin, I personally can’t watch you grasp for the proverbial straws anymore to certain topics at hand, it’s like fingernails scratching over a blackboard! In simpler terms, I will let you bury yourself once again in having the last word.

Good day.


Ted is a Holy Man…devoted to Christ. Knows scripture backwords and forward.

Are YOU a disciple of SATAN ?

I really wonder….


Why do people intent upon committing suicide have to involve so many others in their acts? If you want to end your life, do it as neatly as possible in a place where cleanup is unnecessary or minimal and leave a note behind explaining your actions so that the authorities don’t waste too much time investigating a possible homicide.

Ted Slanders


Good advice, and one can only wonder in what the train crews, especially the engineer that sees the upcoming tragedy, will have to live with for the rest of his life. The engineer in this instance and conditions can only gain solace in knowing that he did everything possible to make the individual remove himself from a dangerous situation.


You act as if the person that is suicidal is rational enough to consider all of this from the viewpoint you see it from. They are not.


I agree that some are not but suicide can be a rational act too when societies rules trap a person in a situation that has no good ending. I see the state of mind as a continuum in which various people considering suicide have varying degrees of rationality.