Vandals at it again in Los Osos

February 17, 2015

los ososThieves snatched a solar panel that lights up the Los Osos bear statue and vandals recently shut off an electric message board near the entrance to town. [Tribune]

San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s deputies have not caught any suspects in the bear statue incident, which took place last month, nor in the electric sign vandalism that occurred last week. The Rotary Club of Los Osos is footing the bill and making repairs.

The bear, which is located on South Bay Boulevard near Turri Road, lost its lighting after thieves cut electrical wires, in addition to taking a 4.5 by 2-foot solar panel. The panel was valued at between $100 and $200.

An electronic message board, the target of last week’s vandalism, greets drivers as they enter town with announcements of community events. It is located near the corner of South Bay Boulevard and Los Osos Valley Road.

The rotary club operates the message board.

In 2013, vandals targeted a Los Osos church and broke numerous windows. Two teens admitted to the vandalism, which included seven broken stained glass windows.

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Just a hunch , but I think they will be caught selling the items on Craigslist.,

Fog does funny things to the brain.

Stupid teenagers that are too fat to surf

Vandals? Maybe Thieves is the proper noun.

Must be too much nitrate in the water.

Oh, wait, the nitrate levels are not outside the norm.

Must be the potential for too much nitrate in the water.

More handiwork from the anti-everything alliance?