Letter to the editor: Is it time to dissolve Los Osos?

March 4, 2015
Tom Salmon

Tom Salmon


Just when you thought the Los Osos Community Services District (LOCSD) could do nothing more stupid than allowing 150 million gallons – equivalent to six months’ of their district’s supply – of fresh water to be dumped in the bay last year as part of the wastewater project construction; it looks like they’re poised to step in it again.

The LOCSD’s agenda for March 5 has a closed session item that suggests that their General Manager Kathy Kivley is entering into negotiations to purchase the old 10th Street gym building. Most recently, the building had been used by HDR, the construction mangers for the wastewater project.

Right on the heels of the recent 50 percent rate increase to its water customers, this might just be the public relations blunder needed to cement the community mindset toward dissolution.

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This thread is 10 days old but yesterday’s (03/15) Fibune article about salt water intrusion which heavily cites returned Director Cesena grinds at those of us who lost $ 24,933 to Cesena’s arrogance and destruction of the last project. He blew enough of our collective money to about fund drilling an intrusion barrier with “push back” injection wells, such as the Los Angeles beach towns and Orange County employ (West Coast Basin Barrier Project, Alamitos Gap Project).

Now he’s opposing “build-out”. The little munchkin certainly thinks he knows what is best for all of us.

Think CalTrans culture. They live in a parallel universe over there.

Please fill me in… didn’t Cesena and company do exactly what the voters voted them in to do? What am I missing?

Tom Salmon is “spot on” with this article! The LOCSD is an experiment that should NEVER have happened. It’s been a miserable failure.If you thought the first LOCSD Board (the Stan Gustafson Board) was bad, let me tell you the Michael Wright Board is far worse. Never has there been a more ineffective & inept Board since it’s inception! Kathy Kivley is the General Manager that should NEVER have been hired! She was fired from her last position, but this current Board just “overlooked” that & hired her anyway! How SMART is THAT? Los Osos is facing huge charges for the sewer, we’ve been assessed TWICE already, the Board just approved YET ANOTHER hike in the water rates! And NOW, the “BRILLIANT” Ms. Kivley is said to be “negotiating” for the old 10th Street gym building! Hell, I don’t think Kivley knows the meaning of the word “negotiate”! She will no doubt give the the owners of that building TOP DOLLAR! Don’t fall for this scheme! The LOCSD does NOT need more space. It’s been said Kivley has been “inconvenienced” by having meetings at the So. Bay Community Center! Inconvenienced? This woman was just given a $9,000 dollar a year raise! She can AFFORD to be “inconvenienced”! The people of Los Osos can NO LONGER afford this totally corrupt & inept LOCSD. The County can do a far more efficient & cost effective job of handling the business of Los Osos. I would urge LAFCO to let the County do this job. The County has the staffing & the big plus would be there would be no need for Ms. Kivley or the VERY EXPENSIVE “outside attorney”, Mr. Seitz! Dissolve the LOCSD while the citizens still have a few (very few) bucks left! They are squeezing every cent out of us, there’s nothing left!

FAFCo will NEVER allow Los Osos to dissolve. Do you know who makes up LAFCo? ELECTED representatives for other districts! Do you think for one second that they would agree to take on the cost and bother of Los Osos and hand their constituents the bill?

What color is the sky in your world?

That’s not how it works Vagabond.

If the majority of the community wanted to dissolve, they could, just as they agreed to form the district.

The history lesson you might be referring to back in 2006-07 was a minority of the community asking for LAFCO’s intervention, a different scenario that was faced with the bankruptcy that is now over.

Didn’t it cost citizens participating in the dissolution effort a LOT of money to get the LAFCO thing going in 2006-07?

Do you think many people want to dissolve the District Julie? Or is this just a Tom Salmon rant?

I don’t have a clue as to how many people are thinking the way tom is.

This is not my battle. The 2006-07 cost to Taxpayers Watch was $30,000 for the staff times and hearings over about 6 months.

If an initiative of the people were brought it would be much less expensive. It’s a lot of work; not my interest.

Thanks for the answer Julie.

What RU4Real doesn’t want to address I guess is that the Board is an Elected Board is it not?

How very convenient that you forgot to mention the “recall” CSD board led by Schicker and Tacker who systematically helped destroy the community of Los Osos eventually thrusting it into bankruptcy and destroying it’s credit rating.

I love you revisionists.

Oceano should join the club and dissolve.

Paavo Ogren can go back to the County payroll.

That’s it! Get rid of the CSDs and you can eliminate Seitz.

Just wondering what it takes to be allowed to write an “opinion” piece in this blog?

Just submit one to velie@calcoastnews.com.

obviously not a lot of thought or reason because we have much deeper opinion pieces in the comments section than this attach/rant.

You don’t “dissolve” Los Osos; you refund residents that pay a water bill and have been rationing their water all this time a HUGE refund.

There is something fishy about this letter, yeah, fishy

Magic of Google.

You type in: ‘Tom Salmon, Los Osos’

You find out he’s been a ‘long time’ Los Osos resident who ran for CSD in 2002,

and has written about our LO sewer crapola for quite a while.

What has Mr/Ms Stunned done?

OtisCampbell: Well apparently I insulted Heir Otis in some way. How does asking two simple and basic questions regarding someones familiarty to a situation an excuse to blather like you have?

You’ve answered those questions in your unique way so thanks pal!

The community has no vehicle to allow it to dissolve. That is up to LAFCO and LAFCO will never allow Los Osos to become a ward of the county. Mr Salmon needs a history lesson.

I rant, therefore I am.

Not seeing the link on this huge blunder Tom……what does this mean to you? Do you live in Los Osos?