SLO opens $2.2 million skate park

March 2, 2015
SLO skate park

SLO skate park

The city of San Luis Obispo opened its $2.2 million skate park on Saturday with a ribbon cutting ceremony that included council members, top staffers and dozens of skateboarders.

The new 15,500 square foot facility, which is located at Santa Rosa Park, includes an amphitheater, a plaza for public events and $240,000 worth of public art, in addition to space for skating. Numerous community members are enthused about the skate park, though some have questioned its necessity.

City officials discussed building the skate park for years, initially making it a council goal in 2007. But, the city waited until 2014 to allocate funds for the project and to award a construction contract.skatepark_banner_website_optimized

Construction began last year, just months prior to a citywide vote on the extension of a half-cent sales tax. Officials said that $1.2 million worth of city sales tax revenue went toward the creation of the skate park.

Last April, Riverside County-based ProWest Constructors received a $1.7 million construction contract to build the skate park. Some city residents faulted the council for awarding the contract to an out-of-town firm.

Atascadero-based Pickard and Butters Construction submitted the lowest bid for the project, but the city engineer ruled that the company lacked experience. The council then voted 4-1, with Councilman Dan Carpenter dissenting, to award the bid to ProWest, which is based in the city of Wildomar.

For several years, young skateboarders in the community lobbied the council to build the skate park. Many skateboarders attended a city goal-setting workshop in 2013, and the council responded by making the project a priority for the current two-year budget cycle.

The skate park is now open daily from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. Use of the park is free of charge.


Ribbon cutting ceremony? Was Lois there?


Glad to see the new park is completed.

Its a damn shame what this State has done those kids who want to work.

Unless a kid is a relative of the owner, there’s hardly any jobs that a minor can legally hold anymore due to the ridiculous child labor laws.

I understand not allowing kids to handle explosives etc. but loading a truck, working on a construction site, or in a fab shop – give me a break.

The few jobs that are “allowed” are mainly held by adults who have fallen on bad times and I don’t begrudge them one bit.

In my humble opinion, if a kid isn’t allowed to work in this State, go shred and enjoy life!


For once SLO spends money on something that will actually benefit it’s citizens (or at least their children). For once it’s not hiring another overpaid consultant or manager, for once it’s not another pay raise for staff, for once it’s not being given to CAPSLO to attract more of the nation’s mentally ill to come live on the streets of the “Happiest Place in America.” Thank You SLO City for finally throwing us a bone.


I hope the Hoffman family is somehow recognized for their contributions to the very concept and design of such skate parks.




The new park is sooo rad!!! I only wish we had it 15 years ago when i started skating. There’s definitely some stuff they exaggerated on but its one badass park!!! Finally the city of slo follows through on something!!


“There is nothing for the youths to do….” What percentage of the population would use such a thing? What is the total number of participants in such a venue? What is the entrance fee for public use? Seems to me that the money could have been better spent on projects for the homeless or Safety issues. Leave the skate parks to private venue. If there is significant interest then there would be adequate support for a private company to make a profit.


Something to keep kids out of trouble is not worthy, but throw more $$ and services at homeless in SLO?

How much will ever be enough for many who CHOOSE not to contribute to society?



A privately run skate park is not likely in San Luis Obispo – due to the cost of land and building the facility the company could not recoup it’s investment.

A skatepark on public land is one less place for the homeless to sleep. I’m happy about that. We’ve spent enough money to attract bums from all over the United States to set up shop in SLO, and all it does is attract more bums.

What’s wrong with spending a few (million) bucks for local kids to enjoy.


I bet you can’t even stand on a skateboard. What “safety issues” would you be referring to? Why the f— would you rather help and encourage crackheads and homeless bums than give our future population a place to skate and prosper. Would you rather them hangout under a bridge doing drugs? Have you seen the number of people flocking to Slo for this park? It should start to generate income back into the community through tourism, concerts, art shows, people stopping for gas and food along HWY 1 and 101. Topper your a troll, go hangout with your homeless buddies that you seem so fondly of helping. PEACE

Rich in MB

Is Dan Carpenter the one on the City Council with a Brain and desire to help the local community?

Of course the other voted to send the money out of the area…sheesh….but once again…who is looking out for you?