Peak season for climbing Morro Rock?

March 2, 2015

Morro rock girlsA Cal Fire rescue team made its second trip to Morro Rock in a 10-day span. [Tribune]

The rescue team came to the aid of an unidentified climber around 3 p.m. Sunday. The climber was stuck about a third of the way up the rock and could not figure out how to get back down.

The Morro Bay Fire Department responded to the scene, in addition to the rescue team. The climber did not suffer any injuries but did receive a citation for climbing the rock.

On Feb. 19, three 15-year-olds reached the top of the rock but needed rescue workers to help them get down. The teens said they climbed the 581-foot rock because it looked fun.

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I was out there that day and the kid was in his early 20s and from the Valley. Out looking for kicks and giggles.

He wasn’t arrested, just cited for trespassing and released. I understand the fine is about $1,800 and this kid didn’t seem too worried or upset.

He got about 250 feet up in an area that isn’t a trail (there are like seven trails including the one with the steps carved into the rock).

I don’t think he got stuck he just got spotted and ordered down. Someone said he fell about 10 feet, didn’t see that but he was covered in dirt from face to foot and he was climbing through a bunch of poison oak, too.

The Morro Bay fire department sent 2 guys up, plus a state park ranger to escort him down. I think if he’d have resisted or disobeyed an order he would have gone to jail.

Not sure if he’ll get charged for the response. If he’d made it to the top, they would have called in a helicopter to get him down and he definitely would have paid for that.

The Rock,plus two other state park areas (can’t remember which ones) were placed off limits in the early 1970s in a specific law passed by the Legislature. Morro Rock was designated a preserve for the then-endangered peregrine falcon (it’s still protected under the Predatory Bird Act but not the Endangeered Species Act).

People have been climbing that Rock for about 10,000 years and the only ones who have harmed it is the Army Corps of Engineers, which blasted a million tons of boulders off of it.

We SHOULD be able to climb it. I say FREE THE ROCK!!!

Actually, it seems odd to me that it’s illegal to climb a rock. If it is sensitive to our Natives (Indians) then that makes sense, but otherwise, let them climb and pay the costs if they need help.

What is the fine ? Were the climbers arrested ? Is there a law against climbing ?

Are the climbers responsible for the rescue cost, if not can we sue them for damages?

Not a very complete article. Not up to CCN standards

Let the tribes finance a EIR, fence, and new signs per Kayaknut. If not the rock will be climbed. I personally would leave it status quo.

If the climber is over 18 years old his name should be published so everyone can ridicule him.

Maybe the signage isn’t posted in the right places….also a good idea to mention the

amount of the fine on the signs.

Perhaps the sign should state:

NO climbing allowed.

Should you choose to ignore this sign,

Those who require aid and rescue are responsible for all associated costs, and are subject to fine.

Skilled climbers who make it down safely will be immediately fined.

I understand it is a $5,000 fine if you enter a snowy plover area, so wouldn’t seem out of line for a least a $10,000 fine for trying to climb Morro Rock.

Like with many inane acts, inspiration is found in the media.