Boat erupts into flames at Port San Luis

April 7, 2015

A fishing boat docked in Port San Luis Harbor burst into flames Sunday night. [KEYT]


Authorities found the boat fully engulfed in flames shortly before midnight. No one was on board, and no one suffered any injuries during the fire.

Responders moored the vessel on a floating ball away from other ships. No other boats or structures were damaged in the blaze.

The cause of the fire is so far unknown and remains under investigation.

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Is this boat for sale now on Craigslist? (with a nice picture too)

Electrical fires are quite common on boats as are friction fires, known in the marine world when the pages of an insurance policy start rubbing together!

Or when the insurance policy rubs against the mortgage.

That was a good old boat that has been around since the fifties. As usual whenever a boat sinks, there are always some wags that bring up insurance jobs. That wouldn’t make sense really because the sport fishing season has just begun on the first of April. This is just the beginning of their time to make money. That theory may be more plausible in December.