ASH hit with whistleblower retaliation suit

May 7, 2015

ash2A former Atascadero State Hospital social worker has filed a whistleblower retaliation lawsuit alleging hospital management punished her by making her work with a known violent patient who ended up punching her in the face. [Tribune]

Amy Consolati, the plaintiff, is now on disability retirement. A day prior to her filing the lawsuit, the patient who attacked Consolati was convicted of battery resulting in great bodily injury and was sentenced to four years in prison.

Consolati alleges in the suit that hospital management transferred her to the unit with the attacker after she reported that ASH was recommending a flurry of discharges even though the patients did not meet criteria for release. Consolati was scheduled to testify in the trial of one those patients when management transferred her, the suit states.

At the trial, she testified that she was being denied access to the patient and his records, according to the lawsuit.

Previously, Consolati reported to management that three staff members created a fraudulent document in order to isolate a patient. Management transferred her multiple times and did so in retaliation for her whistleblowing, the suit alleges.

The lawsuit also states that Consolati was not familiar with the patients in the unit where she was attacked. She also did not receive standard supervisory support or coverage that could of protected her.

The patient punched Consolati in the nose when the social worker asked him about a package he was waiting for, according to a police report.

Consolati is seeking compensation for lost past and future earnings, as well as for health benefits and medical bills. She is also seeking unspecified damages and coverage of attorney’s fees.

paul spector

I worked at ASH. Brave is not the word. This is dangerous ground indeed. Amy got luckie, some of the atrocities committed on PSYC Tecs, RN’s and other staff defy description. We are there to care for patients.

I saw the same kind of setup at CMC State Prison, where supervisors organized the release of confidential data, like our children’s school schedules, and inmates were instructed to harm our families for reporting the organized Torture of Black inmates. We need more heroes like Amy to fight this corruption.

The State spends Hundreds of Millions covering up for inept supervisors. They need firing in the worst way. Strip them of pentons and health care too. Retire the the State Personell Board that rubber stamps there unconstitutional acts, allowing abuse at all levels.


Whoa, givemeabreak. Do you even work there? If you do, the lack of respect and the anger you harbor towards psych techs (the ones that put themselves on the front line and make it as safe as possible for you to do your job) is sad and frankly, concerning.


“Digging from the bottom of the barrel”. “Equivalent to a beautician”. Wow, the psych tech hate is strong with this one!


Retaliation from a governmental agency, say it isn’t so. Corruption runs deep and spans a wide range within our fine county. If anyone missed it, the crooks run the place now.


Shocking? Didn’t know they could do shock therapy. Glad to hear they have these tools available to use against the jack Nicholson types.


Great. More taxpayer liability due to incompetent government fools. If she was intentionally punished and put in harms way, do you think someone will be fired? Me neither. Pony up mr and mrs taxpayer.


Part of the reason someone stays dedicated to college for six long years to become a social worker—is that they really care about people, and they truly desire to see every member of society have a better life. Then….slowly…..reality sets in. You tell the truth and you stand up for your morals—and you are retaliated against.

But, let’s get this squared here real quick: I admire this woman for 1. Telling the truth. and 2. Not letting a clearly corrupt and very large state agency GET AWAY WITH THIS CRAP.

It is like “fighting the good fight”, and: it can be a battle….but it is worth it.


The State of California need to turn ASH into a medical institution and fire all of these so called psychiatric techs and replace them with prison guards..these are criminals.


sorry this happened to her, I can relate. ASH does not take care of their own. Im positive of that, I worked there, I was permanently hurt on the job. My life is completely changed, not for the better as it should be. I dont recommend working there.


pnishaven I tend to disagree with part of your statement. I know people that have become permanently disabled from ASH and go on to collect HUGE amounts of $ either in a settlement and or a retirement package. Then they are hire on at the county doing the SAME job making anywhere between 25.00 to 35.00 per hour. What a RACKET! I mean if you are disabled and able to collect all of this $ then how is it ok to go and do the SAME job somewhere else and benefit. After-all you collected because you were supposedly so hurt and unable to work.What a SCAM. Talk about double dipping!