Charter buying Time Warner Cable

May 26, 2015

ls.jpgCharter Communications has announced that it is purchasing Time Warner Cable as part of a move that would create the nation’s third largest pay-TV service. [LA Times]

The deal values Time Warner Cable at $56.7 billion. Federal regulators must still approve the merger, but Charter expects them to do so.

Charter is currently the primary cable provider on the Central Coast, and Time Warner is the main pay-TV service in Southern California. Both companies provide television, Internet and phone service across the U.S.

Charter additionally plans to purchase Bright House Networks, a smaller cable provider. If regulators approve both mergers, the new company would have more than 20 million pay TV, Internet and phone subscribers in 41 states.

Then, Charter would only trail Comcast and the proposed merger of AT&T and DirecTV as the nation’s largest pay-TV operator.

Prior to Charter reaching a deal with Time Warner, Comcast attempted to buy the company. But, regulators rejected the deal, in part because a Comcast merger with Time Warner would be even larger in size than the Charter agreement.

Comcast is slated to be the nation’s second largest pay-TV service, trailing just the proposed AT&T and DirecTV combination.


The only time I had anything to do with Charter resulted in experiencing bald assed lying and fraud. If they were the only choice, I’d seriously consider carrier pigeons or ham radio.


Good now Time Warner customers can have a poor quality product and bad service too.


Along with a huge $$$$$ bill


Dang it$


Does anyone know of an indoor tv antenna that works in this area?


The antenna works just fine but there are no signals to detect.


Bummer! It would be so nice to cut that cable


Does this mean we finally be able to watch the Dodgers again?


Dear Google [Fiber],

Please save us from this monopoly!


California Residents


Google fiber or Verizon FIOS is only available in a few markets in more densely populated areas. It’s very expensive to install the optic fiber cables so it’s unlikely that they will bring services to sparsely populated areas like SLO County. We’re stuck with Charter.


We have fiber cables all over the place in SLO — dating from the great optimism of the 1990s for fiber being the indispensable and certain future of communications. There are at least 3 competing cables that were installed in my street. Those fiber companies went under in the 2000 cyber implosion (aka, bubble deflation), but the cables are still in the street. Somebody should take them over.


The cables under the street are but a small part of the system that forms a fiber optic system. It requires amplifiers, routers, and the hook up and modems just to start.


Great news for overseas call centers.


Charter Cable uses US based call centers and they have indicated that they want to hire new operators and move all of TWC customer service to the US.


And if you believe that lie I have a bridge, and a city council, to sell you.


In San Diego, Time Warner is an equal opportunity employer.

They hire high school drop outs.