Professional bicyclist in critical condition after Lompoc crash

May 21, 2015

bicycles-70aTwo professional bicyclists collided in Lompoc Wednesday morning, leaving one rider in critical condition. [KSBY]

The bicyclists were participating in a professional bike race, according to the Lompoc Police Department. The collision, which occurred around 10:45 a.m., caused the critically injured cyclist to stop breathing.

Another bicyclist in the race, who is also a doctor, stopped to perform first aid and resuscitate the victim who was not breathing. Emergency responders then airlifted him Cottage Hospital, where he has received treatment in the trauma center.

The second cyclist involved in the crash received treatment at the scene.

The bicyclists in the race reportedly belong to a private club consisting of members of the military, veterans and civilians from the San Diego area. They were riding from San Francisco to Santa Barbara to benefit the EOD Warrior Foundation.

CalCoastNews recently analyzed California Highway Patrol statistics, which show that Santa Barbara County had the second most collisions per capita in the state last year. San Luis Obispo County led all California counties last year in bicycle fatalities per capita.

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I realize this came from KSBY but I wish that journalists of all sorts would stop referring to all long-distance cycling events as “races”. If it wasn’t timed and officially competitive, it is not a race. I am also unsure that the competitors could be accurately called “professional racers.” They may be currently being paid to ride but that is not the same as being paid to provide individual or team race results which is what a professional racer does.

This is not intended as a criticism of them or of what they are trying to do. It is a criticism of the ignorant use of incorrect terminology by reporters.

I agree completely. When I read the story about a professional cyclist being critically injured, I was puzzled by what professional “race” was taking place in Lompoc on a Monday morning. As it turns out, no “professional” was involved and no “race” was taking place. Fundraising rides for charities are not races.