Atascadero High School on lock down following shots fired

May 21, 2015

tape 1UPDATE, 12:20 p.m.: After more than two hours of heavy law enforcement presence, officials lifted the campus lock-down shortly before noon. Sources said a teacher and student reported hearing shots, but officers have been unable to verify this.

Atascadero High School is on lock down following shots fired at or near the campus Thursday morning.

At about 10 a.m., parents received an automated message saying students were under a precautionary lock down. Officials have told parent not to come to the campus.

One student sent a text to his mother to inform her that a S.W.A.T. team was on campus and a helicopter was circling above.

Students are said to be sheltering in place under their desks with the lights turned off. Multiple law enforcement agencies are assisting Atascadero Police.

CalCoastNews has reporters on route to the campus. Further information will be provided as it become available.

In the photos (from top) anxious parents await word from authorities about their high school students; a sheriff’s S.W.A.T. officer was posted in school’s parking lot; an officer with a trained police dog does a final check of the school area; relatives and parents text to learn more about unfolding events; heavily-armed officers prowl school perimeter;  the California Highway Patrol’s helicopter circled the campus during the incident; a worried couple embraces; after two hours, students are led from the school.

(All photos by Richard Bastian of Atascadero. Contact him at or (805) 460-6533.

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Hey, I’ve got an idea. Send the parents in first to get the guns back from their kids. After all if their children were raised right, we wouldn’t be in this mess. I didn’t see any parents willing to go in and risk getting shot. I live close to AHS. The cops are there almost daily.

There is a company out of Santa Maria that installs electronic locks that can lock down an entire school with the press of a button. They did it at Santa Barbara City College. Maybe its time to spend the money to better protect our kids like they did.

I hear both sides, but if im a civilian/child hostage with a gun to my head, I don’t know if that’s the guy id want taking the shot. hopefully just some firecrackers. is that dog wearing Kevlar?

That obese gun with the M16 variant and the guy or gal wearing the Nazi lookalike helmet are enough to make me ill.

the last case he got to thbe bottom of, was a case of malomars

Search ‘im, Danno. Bet his cop cargo pants have quite an inventory:

pepper spray

extra full magazines of ammo


handcuff keys

zip tie restraints, and most importantly,

Mars bars, Snickers bars, Milky Way bars,

magazine full (i.e. box full) of Raisonettes!

To be fair, one doesn’t have to be fit and healthy to fire a gun — even accurately. However, I would think that he does have other responsibilities where fitness would be more important. I agree that it is disappointing for a law officer to be in that shape. (Although fit young troublemakers probably like it that they have a better chance trying to run.)

As for the helmet, whatever works best is fine with me. Barring a swastika or similar insignia on it, I don’t have a problem with it.

Morbidly obese and law enforcement don’t mix well. There should be standards.

This paranoia in the face of plummeting crime rates is getting ridiculous.


Tell that to the residents of Baltimore.

SamLouis, armed teachers would be a good reason for rebellious students to cause a stir and claim some fame. Do so, but require students to pass through a metal detector on their way in to school each day. Secure the perimeter so that a firearm or even a knife couldn’t be hidden on campus during off hours. Hire an armed guard to patrol the campus during school hours.


In schools where select teachers and other adults are armed, what you suggest doesn’t happen. That indisputable fact. There’s hard data on the subject.

Your comment are akin to those that push the ridiculous belief that licensing civilians to carrying concealed firearms will lead to an “old west mentality.” That every fender bender will result in someone getting shot. That’s proven to be fantasy.

How sad that American school children have to go through this seemingly on a daily basis.

Even sadder that the media makes it seem like it occurs on a daily basis. Most of these are “false alarms” with no real danger ever present. That doesn’t mean they can be ignored but it shouldn’t require an over-reaction afterwards.

A local reminder why select, volunteer, well-trained and licensed teachers and administrators should be armed on campus.