2,000 gallon raw sewage spill in Oceano

July 7, 2015

Oceano22An approximately 2,000 gallon raw sewage spill in Oceano on July 3 was the result of higher flow levels during the holiday and a primary sewer line under repairs, said South San Luis Obispo County Sanitation Plant Superintendent John Clemons.

Shortly before 7 p.m., sewage spilled from six man holes near the plant. The sewage collected in gutters and an oil trap at the airport.

Sanitation plant employees collected the sewage and disinfected the contaminated areas in a cleanup operation that lasted several hours. No sewage flowed into waterways.

The sanitation district reported the spill to the county health department, the regional water board and the office of emergency services. Because the spill did not impact waterways or homes, a public notice was not required.

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At tonight’s Oceano CSD meeting, OCSD Vice President, Karen White objected to the use of the photo above for this story. She claimed that its use justified Mary Lucey’s previous argument that Oceano should be compensated for the mental health damage of having a sanitation district in their town.

Exact quote: “…The location of the plant has been costly to the community as a whole; you know, and it has been costly, to even the kids of this community have been taunted, have been called names, have been ridiculed, you know, on so many levels for having that plant here, nobody ever thinks about the damage that some of these plants do to the actual, you know, mental health of people, so I think that’s never been properly even spoke of…”

The sewage spill is really a result of deferred maintenance by John Wallace/Wallace Group’s 27 year tenure at South San. They were paid to identify the problem; but failed to implement to the solution.

So what actually caused the spill?

Closed valve(s), too small of pipes, or something else which will be addressed in the next project?

Boy, with the effects of our own morons at work, who cares about ISIS attacking us?

The July edition of, Dunes On The Beach, by I. Squat and Levitt.

Good job containing the spill to only 2,000 gallons Mr. Clemmons. As someone who goes to the san dist meetings and is aware of the recent problems that you are trying to fix, it could have been worse.

You and your staff seem to stay right on top of things and handle them quickly.

If Mr. Wallace and the old board had not screwed us so badly we might have the redundancy plan in place that is so needed.

Now with the investigation going on with Mr. Knudsen maybe John Wallace, Tony Ferrero, Matt Guererro, and Nichols will finally be held accountable for the games they played while running and over seeing the sewer plant.

That’s one thought as to why Tony is trying to sell his house, he wants to take the money and run before the report comes out and he’ll have time to hide the money from the sell so that if he is found financially liable he will no longer have a house to go after, the money will be hidden, and he can claim bankruptcy and to run and hide.

Sewage spill in Oceano… who would have thought that it would cause the property values in the affected areas to increase (albeit temporarily).

What’s the matter with Oceano?

mostly the people

As far as I know the residents of Oceano are just hard-working individuals who can’t afford to live in places like Avila Beach or SLO. Oceano remains one of the more reasonable places to rent or buy a house.

What’s wrong with Oceano, are the non-resident, self proclaimed experts who are constantly criticizing, disrupting, finding fault, and interfering with the community.

Their personal agenda’s have done NOTHING to help the town.

BTW, L52 will NEVER succumb to external pressures.

Pelican what is L52 are we talking about the chair person

Lets not forget the increased shame and utter humiliation that Oceano children will now be subject to when they return to school (according to Mary “I need to burn one down” Lucey, as a result of this spill (what a piece of work that woman is).