Bomb threat at Mustang Village

July 7, 2015

Mustang VillageRenters at Mustang Village Apartments in San Luis Obispo were evacuated Tuesday after the complex received a bomb threat.

Shortly before noon, employees at the off campus Cal Poly student housing complex knocked on 514 apartment doors and ordered residents to evacuate the premises because of a bomb threat. As renters left, police arrived.

San Luis Obispo Police said they do not know when renters will be permitted to return to their homes. Police are not providing more information at this time

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Somebody didn`t get their security deposit back!

Rather than the public paying for this BS, with every threat and evacuation (loss of use) there should be an insurance claim. You can bet that when the claims come rolling in, the insurance companies won’t fool around and get to the bottom of this threat on their profit margins.

While I agree with your frustration, I don’t see how any insurance company would willingly step forward for this and or how Gov. could even implement.

You just have to file these kinds of things as the cost of doing business. Yea it sucks.

Lets see, how many times in the past has a terrorist called in a bomb threat then blew something up?

How scary.

The Frats must be bored for the summer without parties to get drunk and stoned at….so they needed some excitement?