SLO Laureate School shuttered, no warning to parents

July 1, 2015

SLO Laureate School 2By KAREN VELIE

Parents attempting to drop their children off on Wednesday morning at the Laureate School in San Luis Obispo were informed the owners of the school had been evicted and the school was closed.

The Laureate School is a private toddler through eighth grade school that sits at the foot of Bishop Peak. For more than 32 years, parents seeking smaller class sizes and Montessori trained teachers have sent their preschool and elementary age children to the Laureate School.

On Wednesday morning, a teacher from the school stood outside handing a notice from the property owners, Full Circle Laureate, saying that the company that operates the SLO Laureate School had not paid rent since Oct. 2014. The owners of the property said in the notice that they had attempted to work with Eucasia Schools Worldwide, the operator of the school, to no avail.

The property owners filed an eviction notice in San Luis Obispo County Superior Court on April 15. According to the letter, the property owners agreed to allow the school to finish out its spring quarter and then vacate the property on June 8.

Nevertheless, parents say the school continued to bill parents for the summer session without informing them of the eviction. Many local parents utilize the school as a day care facility during the summer months.

Full Circle Laureate had no other choice but to enforce the judgment and regain possession of the property,” the letter says. “Full Circle Laureate is sympathetic to the children, families, staff and teachers who will be effected by this closure.”

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I feel terrible for these parents. They are out money. They have no childcare. If they have no temporary family support, which so many working parents do not, then a parent has to take time off work to secure new child care. This is all while hoping the employer has some sympathy about their employee’s situation.

I am angry that the school, and even the teachers did not give the families some kind of notice. They knew this was coming.

I don’t know if the Victim Witness program would be of any assistance to these families, but maybe they can give information and guidance as how families can get their money back.


Both of my children attended the Laureate many years ago. It was owned and operated by Dr. Schmid (if memory serves me) The teaching staff were amazing, caring individuals. The classes were small and the kids at all different levels were approached on their own individual needs. SAT results were always a couple of grades advanced. Unfortunately in the public schools with larges classes this approach can not be executed. In order to receive this kind of education it did take money. At MCP there are a large percentage of students there who are on scholarships. If you are financially able you are asked to donate money to the scholarship fund each year. All families work together, and during the Summer months repairs are carried out to the school by the parents. In other words parents donate a lot of their time. The students are expected to keep up their grades and behave in a civilized manner with respect to faculty and other students. Bad grades and unsatisfactory behavior results in dismissal. Flytrap was correct it cost less per year to educate a student at MCP than in a public school. To me it was very important that my children receive a good education, and an environment where as a parent I felt my children were receiving the same values they were taught at home.

I do not understand why the Government is so against Charter Schools, or Home Schooling studies have shown that children receiving this type of education do excel. Everyone benefits when our Children succeed.


I’m not sure what you mean by SAT scores, which are not part of the K-8 testing program, but you are right that many years ago the administration and staff were amazing. The founders of The Laureate were dedicated to quality education in a unique environment.

MCP is also a good program, but not the answer for many families due to it’s lack of updated curriculum and high fees.


Ha, ha. The “updated curriculum” is what most educated parents want to escape from!

Common Core is a disasterous propaganda tool of the Big-Government-luvin’ socialists voted in to power by so-called “liberals.”


There sure seems to be a lot of shady people in this place. I can understand why local kids leave and don’t look back.

Jorge Estrada

Another example why public schools need to be the focus for these over-achieving parents. If they don’t just delegate parenting, our public educational system will benefit and continue to work.


Both of my kids went to public schools and got a great education. They also both graduated from college and got masters degrees. I am a big advocate for public school education. The thing that bothers me the most about expensive private schools is that i think they reinforce social divisions. The “haves and have-nots” if you will.


A quick internet search finds that the school operators have a long history of financial problems. This closing was inevitable.


Please share the links from your “quick internet search.” Thank you.


You need to search for Eucasia Schools Worldwide, the operator of the school.

This Apr 15, 2015 article gives a good summary – “Lawsuits and legal judgments dog Eucasia Schools…”

The school even gave a rubber check to the court.


When I clicked on that link, it didn’t work. It appears that one character was missing. This version worked for me:




Just Google Eucasia schools or The Laureate, San Luis Obispo–since the sale to Eucasia this school has had nothing but problems, both educational and financial.


I also did a quick Internet search and found one story of such problems in a November 2, 2010 article in another local news source. The article discusses a “for sale” sign posted on the school building, and a loss of students and teachers caused by a dispute between the school and the landlord. So, it appears that this has been brewing for a long time.


When our daughter was young, we visited the Montessori school. We thought that it was more than a little creepy. We would never put our children in that environment. We used the public schools. The first daughter is finishing at Cal Poly (3.8 GPA) and the second is off the university in the fall (4.15 GPA). Public schools work when parents teach their children about the importance of education and the high cost of being poorly educated.


Explain a “little creepy” SLO_Johnny?

What are your values? Spiritual beliefs?

Congratulations to your children. But what does it mean in the bigger picture when it comes to the USA? Is it for the better?, or for its destruction?


Kids with their desks up against the wall and facing the walls. All the kids with their backs to each other. Eerily quiet. Took one look and walked away.



“three year old boy dies after swallowing a push pin,

Montessori school in Oceanside, Ca.”

Not so good.


Something is rotten in Denmark.

More than likely the immoral left had something to do with the closure.

The Godless left would rather have all children indoctrinated into their awful beliefs through public education. Glad my children are all grown and doing well from what they learned in public schools at the time.

Public schools teach what our corrupt gov’t at all levels demand they teach. Because of money. Do it our way or we won’t give you your $$$.

Money is the root of kinds of evil.

Wonder why this culture and our Country are so F’d up?

Gov’t. Taken over by anarchist’s from the 60’s.


“Wonder why this culture and our Country are so F’d up?”

This is exactly what I think when I read your comments that have 95% nothing to do with what was written above.

The lack of quality education in America is the true root of perceived evil, us versus them, full of judgements they are unqualified to make.


poorly written…. poorly thought out…..bad quotation. You must have gone to one

hellofa skool.


Two Weeks ago they took my 717.00 for my daughters daycare. Thieves


Drinavila, So sorry in same boat…. when we were informed yesterday called our bank to stop payment. Hopefully caught it in time. Feel sorry for the employees hope they got paid.


Yeah …Let the ‘private market’ and ‘free enterprise’ handle education and the rest of the commons.

This is what you get. You pay your monies, think everything is hunky-dory, then one day you show up and the doors are shuttered and you’re kicked to the curb.

You nihilists, libertarian dreamers, and Republican separatists want government by the rich ? This is what you’ll get.

Cheer up, though: there’s always Hoam skuling !


Somehow, they made it work for 30+ years then blew it by not paying rent. Hardly the rule for private schools, more like the exception.


So, Who raised the rent ?


I think the problem has not been with raising the rent but rather with extremely poor management of the school (the owner ran the program and had ZERO educational experience) and declining enrollment. The school went from a thriving K-8 program to shuttered classrooms in a matter of years. Staff turnover was high, parents ran once they met the owner and the rent could not be paid with so little incoming funds. The landlords were actually parents who had purchased the site and buildings in order to keep the school running, but there was only so much they could do with an owner determined to NOT listen to her staff, parents and landlords.



Eucasia bought the business in 2007 and it was downhill since then.


Right, and as an example:









John Hopkins



Notre Dame



USC———————–and on, and on.


Johns Hopkins…


Your point ? Those are all ( mostly ) the elite of the elite universities …and try getting into them if one is not a ‘legacy’ or rich for many of them.

Plenty of smaller, for-profit, private colleges have closed across the country the past 4-5 decades.


That’s a great defense of the capitalist system. Those that can’t make it, close.

Unlike the government system in which the lousy programs and institutions clamor for additional taxpayer funds to keep their doors open.


List them


Sorry, max(con)fusion. Those are respected nonprofit educational institutions.

Slowerfaster is referring to “schools” like the Corinthian Colleges, which also abruptly closed leaving 70,000 students holding the bag.


Obviously another ill informed biased comment by Slowerfaster. If you look up the statistics

in this county, one of the largest private schools, Mission College Prep is less expensive than the average cost to educate someone at the public high school-and their college acceptance rate is over 90%-even 100% in some years, which I doubt the public school can boast about. Just another false, lame excuse to attack nihilists, libertarian dreamers, and Republicans.


I don’t know where your numbers come from, but tuition and fees are $14K at Mission Prep. That sounds much higher than what public schools spend per student. Where did you get your public school costs?


BTW, I’m not questioning the quality of Mission Prep, just its relative cost.


Mission college prep is what you get.

Why must every post turn back to politics.? Politicians do for themselves and those who put up the $ for them to be in office. Federal and state politicians bring no value to children, or local communities.

Politicians are great at getting unintelligent people riled up in hatred of thei opposing party so they can keep power. Behind closed doors, Boerner has his hand down obamas pants and both have their hands in our pockets.


Ho hum.

Slowerfaster, you need to learn another tune or find another audience.